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Spoiler Tokyo Manji Revengers Chapter 249 RAW Manga And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – After a week of hiatus, Ken Wakui is back with another chapter of the epic Tokyo Revengers manga. The manga is still in the midst of battle, and Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 will continue the action between the two gangs. With the cliffhanger in the previous chapter, manga fans are now very happy to see the results of the match. And as we get closer to the release of a new chapter, we are here to bring you all the important details you need to know about Chapter 249:

The previous chapter, titled “Long Time No See”, featured the continuation of the fight between 2nd Generation Toman and Manji’s Kanto Gang. While the battle with the other members had already begun, it seemed that the battle between the top brass of the two gangs had not yet begun.

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The manga has battles, and it has been confirmed that Senju Kawaragi will face Haruchiyo Sanzu, Seishu Inui will face Wakasa Imaushi, and the Haitani brothers will face Hakkai and Mitsuya.

Unfortunately, the manga does not feature other important characters from the series, such as Takemichi Hanagaki and Sano Manjiro. However, the upcoming Tokyo Revengers 249 may feature these two characters. Among all these fights, one of the most awaited is the fight between Takemichi and Mikey.

Recap Chapter 248

Chapter 248 begins with a flashback from Mitsuya. He took his younger sisters, Luna and Mana, to a festival when he was a teenager. Everyone notices some of the baddies during the event, with the Haitani brothers leading the group.

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Known as “Roppongi’s Charisma”, Mitsuya thinks they’re pretty cool. Returning to the ongoing battle, Mitsuya tells Hakkai that he once looked at Ran and Rindo.

Ran makes a prediction and says that Mitsuya and Hakkai will die in five minutes. Hakkai became restless and ran towards the brothers to punch them. Rindo dodged his punch, and they continued to run away. Hakkai chased after them and disappeared into the crowd.

Meanwhile, the Senju had defeated at least 50 members by now. However, there were still many of them left. Sanzu approached him and called him a “disgusting fly.” The narration states it will be Kawaragi Senju vs Sanzu Haruchiyo.

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Elsewhere, Mitsuya finds Hakkai lying on the ground with blood on his head. Hakkai manages to tell Mitsuya that they are trapped. Mitsuya looked around and saw that they were surrounded by the Haitani brothers and members of the Kanto Gang Manji.

When will Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 RAW be released?

With the manga on hiatus for a week, we believe that everything has returned to a normal schedule. Assuming there will be no unforeseen delays or schedule changes, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 will be officially released on April 12, 2022.

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Spoiler for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249

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