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Manga, Rakyatnesia – Cheon finally becomes a Celestial Demon after defeating the previous leader. But it looks like he will have to try hard to prove his worth. People still doubted his ability to become a leader, but his next move in Nano Machine Chapter 137 will leave his clan members stunned. Now they will decide to stay by his side and follow his orders for their lives. Meanwhile, someone will intervene and work against him. Will Cheon find that person? Read on to find out more.

The upcoming plot will focus on Cheon’s decision. He finally knew who was with him and who wasn’t. So he would use this opportunity to devise a plan against his enemies. Cheon will set a trap to kill them so that no one can stand against him as he works to form a peaceful clan. But can he finish them off?

Nano Machine Chapter 136 recap

Previously in Nano Machine Chapter 136, Cheon visited a Celestial Demon race doctor who was treating their patient. Cheon is about to roast it, but after seeing its condition, he decides to leave everything to Doctor Demon. However, he doubted his abilities and was unable to find a cure for his illness.

Immediately, the scene changed to the Heavenly Demon Palace, where everyone was waiting for the Heavenly Demon, Cheon. However, he showed surprise when he saw the two thrones. But with his touch, one of the thrones was smashed to the ground.

It shocked everyone. Soon after, the left guard announced that they would proceed with the inauguration of the elders. But one of the three elders objected and said that they should wait for the patriarch to return. They want their patriarch back and don’t see Cheon as their leader.

While many remained with Cheon, the three Elders left the hall. But Cheon is not surprised by that and asks the left guard to continue. That same night, Cheon visits three Elders, who are thinking about getting promoted soon.

Spoilers Nano Machine Chapter 137

The upcoming chapter will open with Cheon enjoying drinks with three Elders who oppose joining his team. They look forward to negotiating a deal with Cheon and ultimately improving their position.

But Cheon realizes their intentions and considers them as his enemies. So he would not allow them to carry out their plan. In the previous chapter, Cheon asked Doctor Demon about the traces of poppies they found on the ship during their previous encounter.

So it’s possible that Cheon used the poison in their vessel to get the details of their plan. They are not aware of it and will soon fall into his trap. This would be an auspicious opportunity for him to lift the veil of mystery.

But of the three Elders, none fall prey to the Cheon, which causes a huge battle. Now Cheon must find a way to get rid of them before they meet any danger.

When will Nano Machine Chapter 137 be released?

Fans will soon learn the mystery behind the patriarch and how things will unfold from there. Nano Machine Chapter 137 will be released on December 30, 2022, on Webtoon and Kakao websites. Stay tuned for Tinta Resah for the latest updates going forward.


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