Beranda Hiburan Spoiler Black clover Mangav 318, RAW And Release date

Spoiler Black clover Mangav 318, RAW And Release date

Manga,Rakyatnesia – The Devil King Lucifero is veritably angry and showing his true powers in Black Clover Chapter 318. Under his presence no magic stoner can move or do anything. Read till the end to find out further about the forthcoming Black Clover chapter.

In the former chapter, we saw the black bulls gathering around their captain Yami. Charlotte and Nacht was also there. People were seen thanking Yuno and they were talking about restoring the Spade Kingdom.
Also we saw Lucifero the devil king himself in his true form. The devil king was angry as Asta obtruded and stopped his incarnation. Also he said that‘Your heads are too high’ indicating everyone should bow to the devil king as he can control everything.

After that he showed some of his power and destroyed his surroundings using his graveness magic. There was a alternate gate devil too observing it all. Asta was seen running towards the scene and he’ll be fighting Lucifero in the forthcoming chapter.

Black Clover 318 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 318 is set to be released in this week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 26th December 2021 as per Viz Media’s functionary release schedule along with My Hero Academia Chapter 339 and One Piece Chapter 1036.
Black clover 318 Release Date 26th December 2021
Black clover 318 Raw Reviews 24th December 2021

Black Clover Chapter 318 Raw reviews

Black Clover Chapter 318 Raw reviews are out on social media platforms. You can take a look at the blurted raw reviews in the mentioned tweets below.


Black Clover Chapter 318 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title –‘Presence of the Demon King’
  • Magic- druggies can’t move under Lucifero’s presence.
  • This means that only Asta is free to move right now.
  • Second Gate devil is surprised seeing Asta can move.
  • Lucifero can overpower everything like – magic, fate,etc. just by being.
  • Liebe recognizes Lucifero and says that he was the bone who killed Licita.
  • Lucifero replies that he does n’t know her.
  • Asta is in Devil union mode and has a many twinkles left in metamorphosis.
  • Asta attacks, Lucifero pulls an Aizen and stops Asta’s swing with one cutlet.
  • Also Lucifero gets angry and punches Asta.
  • The punch was really important, Asta ca n’t get up for a while.
  • The chapter ends with all captains joining forces with Asta.