Read Nano Machine Chapter 125, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

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Read Nano Machine Chapter 125, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Nano Machine Chapter 125, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Effects have started to get hotted up now. Cheon Yeo Woon’s plan has started to reveal itself. Nano Machine Chapter 125 is surely an intriguing chapter to look forward to.

The Lord was puzzled by the unusual appearance of Elder Huan who also revealed himself to be Cheon Yeo Woon.

On the other hand, the adversary forces were surprised to see Elder Huan as Cheon Yeo Woon. But effects have stayed the same there. Elder Huan is still an adversary who they need to kill.

Cheon Yeo Woon’s other forces have started to move too. Elder Yin Moha and one of his Six brands appeared to help.

The Lord noway knew of their actuality or Cheon Yeo Woon’s support which made him shocked to reply to the happenings.

Does Lord have commodity differently in mind? This is surely Cheon Yeo Woon’s rebellion against the Leader. We also anticipate Nano Machine anime to be blazoned soon as well.

Nano Machine Chapter 125 RAW Release Date

As there’s a new turn of events in the side, other adversaries surely know about this whole situation. They can surely take advantage of this if they want to.

Nano Machine will continue on its schedule to be released on Tuesdays weekly. Nano Machine 125 raw reviews will be released on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, on its sanctioned platform Naver.

English reviews released by the addict scanlation groups will upload Nano Machine Chapter 125 after two days of its sanctioned release.

It’s relatively stimulating to see Cheon Yeo Woon working on his own without the help of Nano Machine substantially. This shows his enhancement which he lifelessly worked on attaining.

nano machine 125 Spoiler

Nano Machine still exists as his coadjutor in colorful situations which helps him pull off the insolvable tasks.

Cheon Yeon Woon’s Reveal
The Lord had cooked a plan to kill two catcalls with an arrow – get the Right Guardian under control and take down Cheon Yeon Woon’s position as the Crown Prince.

For this, he attacked the Right Guardian to put him into submission with the help of the bug. As the Right Guardian ca n’t defy the Lord, he ’d have to give in which would make Yeon Woon lose position.

But this was a failure as Cheon Yeon Woon had switched places with Elder Huan before his charge. He came in clutch to save the Right Guardian in time from the Lord’s attack.

Other members attending the meeting were surprised as well. They noway anticipated anyone to defy the Lord due to his current power.

Nano Machine chapter 125 Spoiler Leaks

The Lord also noway allowed
that Cheon Yeon Woon would be interested in using the fashion of masks as he regards it as ‘ evil magic ’.

Cheon Yeon Woon had indeed copied the voice of Elder Huan with Nano Machine. With this, it was a perfect disguise to get into the meeting.

Elder Huan’s Reveal
The Dark Sword clan was transferred to dispose of Cheon Yeon Woon. They had planned to take him over when they were nearly 150 li down from the side.

With this, they started their attack as dogfaces rushed in to kill him but he swiped his brand through them. Just also Elder Huan revealed himself to his adversaries.

Everyone was confused until they understood that the body exchange must have happed from the veritably morning.

effects were going on easily until the adversaries were revealed to be under the Blood Reversal fashion to face him.

This is quite a usual twist for Elder Huan who has to face numerous adversaries under that deadly fashion. Nano Machine Chapter 125 continues with the fight between Elder Huan and Dark Sword clan members.

Lord’s Failure
When the Lord realized his main plan failing, he switched it to criminating Cheon Yeon Woon to change his identity and attack the Leader.

With this, he gave orders to the Great Guardian to attack Cheon Yeon Woon and as he defied it, he used to make the other members suppose that the Crown Prince and Great Guardian are abettors who betrayed the Lord.

This gave him enough reason to arrest both of them and indeed swayed public opinion towards him.

This was dammed by Elder Yin Moha as she brought the body of Kyong Bon Gi into the hall. Everyone was converted after seeing the body that Great Guardian was speaking the verity.

The Lord had allowed
of getting relieve of the body as substantiation in the crematorium, hence he’d ordered his men to do it. Elder Yin Moha managed to get the body as solid substantiation.

This is surely a means to an end of Lord’s games which he’d played to trap Cheon Yeo Woon. How does the Lord wish to handle the current situation in Nano Machine Chapter 125?

Cheon Yeon Woon’s colors
Cheon Yeo Woon had gathered and strengthened his forces in the satanic Academe. As utmost know, the people from advanced clan members are known but the bones
with lower clans aren’t known.

This made Yeo Woon easier to handle his men who can mix with other people. The Lord noway knew that there were other people supporting him.

The Lord had planned to insulate all of Cheon Yeo Woon’s forces but of course, he ca n’t do anything to people he does n’t know about.

This eyeless hole of the Lord turned out to be a massive megahit. Ho Sanghua, one of the Six brands of Cheon Yeo Woon came in to master Lord’s forces who were snooping with the substantiation.
Nano Machine 125 continues as Ho Sanghua fights with the guards.

There are numerous events passing on colorful fronts. The coming Nano Machine chapter will either show events riveting on one perspective or a bit of all of them.

Either way, Nano Machine Chapter 125 has great prospects to bring on the showdown between Cheon Yeon Woo and the current Lord which has been anticipated since a long agone


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