Read Kingdom Chapter 729 Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

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Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Kingdom Chapter 729 Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Gian will be Shin’s target in Kingdom Chapter 729. The final chapter brings one of the most shocking revelations of the story so far. Shin was confused when they found the entire Saki Clan settled in Gian. He later learns that Kanki is the oldest member of this clan.

But now was not the time to discuss this with the troop commander. Thus, they would move forward with the encirclement plan. Without further ado, here’s everything there is to know about the next chapter.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to see what Shin’s final decision will be like. The man will continue the siege plan. But defeating a city as big as Gian won’t be easy.

Recap READ Kingdom Chapter 728! English

Kingdom Chapter 728 begins with Shin going with Han Zen to see what Siege Tower is like. At first, the people from Shin’s army were worried about why Han Zen was staying in the opponent’s territory. The men then concluded that Kanki had asked him to meet in the city of Gian.

Shin was surprised to hear something like this happening behind him. Shin then had a private meeting with Ten so they could decide whether to trust this man or not.

Because taking a leap of faith is the only option they have. They came to know that they had a total of ten thousand people. Thus, catching Gian would not be that difficult. Suddenly, a group of giant soldiers arrived in front of them. But they weren’t enemies, but people from the Saki Clan. This chapter ends with a big revelation about Kanki.

The HSU recognizes the siege tower and says it's no doubt that weird one from a year ago that the Kanki army used. Hanzen refutes every comment he can badmouthing the siege tower. Naki shows up and asks him what he's doing here. The Kanki soldiers recognizes Naki and calls him a traitor. Shin and the HSU gives them dirty looks in response. 

Hanzen explains that he knew the Kanki army would clash with the Zhao and because of their siege tower they left a little later taking a different route and were supposed to meet with Kanki at a different destination. When the HSU wonders where Hanzen says it's obviously at Gian. The plan was to meet with Kanki's army at Gian but the army has suddenly retreated from the Zhao forces according to their report. Kanki is obviously not one to die that easily so he's probably still alive. But the decision to siege is now very up in the air.

The HSU is silent and Hanzen asks if they don't believe him or something. On top of that, he asks how they're here when they were originally part of the main army. Shin asks Ten what she thinks if it's just them and Ten says to give her a minute. Bihei freaks out asking if they're thinking what he's thinking and is told to shut up. 

Naki says the enemy has a lot of their forces out to the side and Aisen says that probably means the center won't have many. Ten says even if they're just remnants right now if they put everyone together they have about 10,000. If they move out with the siege tower with the rising of the sun it's very possible they can take over Gian in that time. Shin says they should do it and head out.

Hanzen interrupts and says he won't lend them Koshun. Ten starts to think again and says they can't do this without thinking about what happens after they take Gian. It's very likely even if they do take it it'll just be taken back by the Zhao right away. Ten asks Aisen if she can speak with Mouten because this is really important. Aisen says he'll go check on Mouten's condition.

Kyoukai and Rei feels something behind them and immediately put their guard up. Shin asks what's up and Rei says there's a crazy aura and Kyoukai says there's another feeling on top of that. As the HSU is on guard for enemies Rei says they're coming and the Saki clan walks in. The HSU soldiers freak out thinking it's the enemy but Naki recognizes the Saki clan and says they're not the enemy. Rei says they don't have the feeling of being an enemy but the feelin they give off isn't normal.

Bihei recognizes them and tells everyone they're the Saki clan. He's heard rumors about how they're 1 of the 2 crazy families to look out for on top of the Zenou clan in the Kanki army when he was with them during the Kokuyou Hills battle. 

He also goes on to say they're not afraid to mess around with dead bodies. Shin hears this and yells out asking what bastards like them are doing here. He remembers hearing about what the Saki clan did at Kokuyou with the bodies.

Naki asks Hanzen if the Saki clan was with them from the beginning instead of being part of Kanki's main force. Hanzen says that was the boss's orders. Just like how they're a specialized force the Saki clan is too. 

Chances are the plan was to use Koshun to take Gian and have the Saki clan torture those inside and get what they want from them like always. The HSU is shocked and Shin tells them to get lost and if they take even one step towards Gian he'll take them out right here. The Saki clan responds saying he can't decide things on his own and that they're going to Gian.

As Shin is about to rage Naki asks to give him some time to speak with them. He's had something he wanted to ask them for a long time now to this clan that mysteriously became part of the Kanki army. 
Even in the Kanki army nobody knows much about them. He's had a chance to speak to one of them one time but nobody knows how they're connected with Kanki. What he's heard is that the Saki clan is most likely the first clan to be part of the Kanki army, which means they're also the ones who know the most about Kanki.

Shin asks so what? What is it that Naki wants to ask them? Naki says that in addition to the Saki clan there's also another who everyone in the Kanki army know nothing about. 

Kanki himself. The one who told him about Kanki's rage was also someone from the Saki clan and it's most likely that they'll know the source of his rage as well. Naki then asks if they're not curious at all who Kanki really is. Where did he come from, how did he decide to make an army like this and what is he trying to achieve?

Naki then says he doesn't expect to get this information for free and that they'll go to Gian with them if they provide this information. Shin objects but Naki ignores him and says it's not a bad deal since if they don't then it'll be troublesome for the Saki clan here. Naki then asks the head of the Saki clan to come forward and tell the story after removing their mask. That way he can tell whether they're lying or not. Somebody begins to step forward and when one Saki member tries to speak the one walking says it's fine because if they want to take the castle they need the HSU's strength and they need to take it no matter what. 

The person addresses Naki and says they don't know who began to say these things but the information he said is partially incorrect. They say the Saki clan was not the first to be of the Kanki army. Naki asks to explain the story after taking off the mask. The head of the Saki clan takes their mask off revealing a female and she says Kanki was the first of the Saki clan.

Kingdom Chapter 729 Spoiler Leaks

Naki confirms in the last outing that Kanki is one of the oldest members of the Saki Clan. Throughout the storyline, there is little information about Kanki’s past. It was only now that Shin met the Saki people that he learned that Kanki was also one of them.

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While this disclosure was beneficial to them in the current war scenario, it was certainly an act of betrayal from Kanki.

Kingdom Chapter 729 will open with Shin ignoring this fact and discussing it with Ten. The stakes were high, and Shin couldn’t waste time arguing with Kanki. Thus, the troops would join hands with the Saki clan to plan a siege using the clan’s newly discovered army. Thus, the conquest of the city of Gian will begin.

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What is Qin’s current plan?

The Hi Shin Unit is aiding the Gaku Ka troops and they are hidden in the forest. They meet up with Hanzen and his weird siege tower. This is Kanki’s siege unit and the General asked them to be at another place, hoping to raid Gian.

Unfortunately, that has not been possible. Currently, the main army has suffered a lot and Kanki is barely alive. Still, Shin and Ten realize that with the break of the dawn, they can gather their troop of 10 thousand and lay siege to Gian directly.

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However, this is a risky plan. There is no point in taking Gian if they have to lose it to Zhao immediately. This is why Mouten needs to be consulted. We will find out his decision in Kingdom Chapter 729 English spoilers.

What are the Saki clan doing?

The Saki clan crashes the meeting. Rei notices them not being enemies but then again, they give a different sort of vibe. Bihei recognizes them to be the Saki Clan, the most dangerous ones besides the Zenou.

However, Shin is angry since he disagrees with their methods. He demands that they leave.

However, the Saki clan has been ordered to go to Gian and they must follow. This is when Naki brings up a question for them. He points out that little to nothing is known about the Saki clan and Kanki himself.

The Sakis is probably the first unit under the General and they should know the most.

If Saki provides this information, then they will be allowed to go to Gian. The leader steps up and reveals herself to be a woman. She says that Saki was not the first in Kanki’s army.

It was Kanki, who was the first of the Saki clan. Kingdom Chapter 729 spoilers will continue with this story

Kingdom Chapter 729 RAW Release Date

At the time of writing, no breaks have been announced in this week’s chapter release. Thus, the final part of the war will end with who will win the battle in the end.

So, Kingdom Chapter 729 will release this week on July 31, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all chapters of the manga only on the official Kodansha page. So, keep an eye on Frustrated Ink to get all the updates here.


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