Read Nano Machine Chapter 116, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

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Read Nano Machine Chapter 116, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Nano Machine Chapter 116, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Nano Machine Chapter 116 has created the possibility of a fight between Cheon Mukeum and Cheon Yeo- Woon’s sentry. Mukeum is fighting with Yeo- Woon. still, the guard drew his brand at him, which shifted his wrathfulness from Yeo- Woon to the guard. But Yeo- Woon’s guard was as strong as her, and she fully annulled Mukeum’s attack.

What is further, his brand did not move an inch from its position when Mukeum attacked him. The chaos that’s going on in the manhwa will face its consequences in the forthcoming manhwa chapter! So then is everything you need to know about the occasion.

As the atmosphere came a little tense at the Dragon Clan guest place, Yeo Woon had to insure Munku’s safety.
Mukeum’s wrathfulness at the end of the former chapter suggested that he’d fight Yeo- Woon. But Woon isn’t a naive fighter, and he’ll surely master Mukeum in a brand fight.

still, the thing he’d to worry about was that the leaders of the other four clans would surely come his open adversaries. But there’s another side to this story. still further details regarding the manhwa are available in the composition below. Let’s take a look at the spoilers and propositions for the forthcoming chapter of the manhwa!

What happed in Nano Machine 115 Before?

Nano Machine Chapter 115 of the manhwa begins with Buchol Ryong making Elder Moon flash back his communication.

Elder Moon replied that he flashed back the communication, but he replied that he’d consider it. still, the son of a sovereign from the other four clans forced Elder Moon’s granddaughter to marry him.

Now the Dragon clan’s supreme Elder Moon was in the dilemma of his grandson’s marriage. Buchol tried everything to move Elder Moon. He offered Elder Moon a tablet to summon the godly.

Elder moon was detracted by Buchol’s offer for a while. But Yeo Woon suddenly interrupts and says that the girl’s concurrence to his marriage is the most important. Suddenly Munku takes off his face mask and reveals that he’s a girl, not a boy.

Mukeum reveals some sanctioned unborn plans for Munku at the Academy. He came anxious about the disclosure in front of everyone.

But Munku didn’t vacillate to reveal it and claimed to want to marry Yeo- Woon. Kim is just trying to attack your phone, but her card stops Mukeum from doing so.

Nano Machine Chapter 116 Spoiler Leaks

Nano Machine Chapter 116 is sure to see plenitude of action- packed fights. All the catalysts for this consequence are formerly prepared in the former manhwa. The first reason behind the fight was Yeo- Woon and Munku’s marriage. The alternate thing that would incense the leaders of other clans was the guard’s attack on Mukeum.

Mukeum is the son of a noble, and it’ll trouble Yeo- Woon in the future. He wants to marry Munku, and Yeo- Woon has taken a lot from him because of his uncompetitive nature.
Mukeum thinks that Yeo- Woon married Munku on purpose to make him jealous of everything she has.

This bold move of your phone will only produce the possibility of future wars. But the fourth clan’s party wasn’t so peaceful moreover. The other four clans wanted to finish the Dragon Clan after marrying the grandson of the old moon.

Still, Elder Moon had discovered the true intentions of the clan leaders behind the marriage to his grandson. So he’d accompany Yeo- Woon in the fight if that happed.

Nano Machine Chapter 116 RAW Release Date

Manhwa Nano Machine is veritably immediate with its release schedule. also, the manhwa isn’t resting.

So Nano Machine Chapter 116 will land before Manav’s armament on July 28, 2022. suckers will be suitable to catch all chapters of the manhwa only on the sanctioned Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage runners.

Hence the forthcoming chapter of the manhwa will be out this Thursday. So endure your anxiety for a many days, and Frustrated Essay will give you regular updates!


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