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Spoiler Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 RAW Manhwa And Release Date

Yu Ijin has eventually shown his supremacy in the fight against Bailey group guards and in the forthcoming Greedy Registration Chapter 76 will introduce Ijin’s coming foe.

Lewis Bailey indeed tried to retain Ijin at the end of the last chapter, but he hypercritically declined the offer. Indeed after getting offered triple the plutocrat and an sanctioned position, he declined to work for him.
Ijin has strong ties with the SW group and therefore wants to stay with them. He’s still a pupil who had a complicated history, so he only wants a peaceful life for now. He wants to spend his teenage times as a pupil only.

Ijin has no intentions of getting a professional anytime soon. He just wants to live a peaceful life with his family and forefather.
Now that the incident with the Bailey group is over, the greedy group he was combined with in the history, is sure to return. How will he handle the mercenaries coming after him?

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We also anticipate a Greedy Registration anime adaption to get blazoned soon, perhaps around the same time as One Punch Man Season 3.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 Raw Release Date

The Bailey group saga seems to be over. What next?

Ijin has been hiding from his once greedy group for a long time. They’re sure to find out about him sooner or latterly. So who’ll be the one coming after him this time?

Greedy Registration Chapter 76 raw reviews will be the first one to be published and we anticipate them to be out by 11th March 2022. They can be plant on the JHS and Naver’s functionary websites.

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The English chapter will be out a many hours after the Korean reviews.

The sanctioned restatements are running a bit before, the Webtoon Line app has only managed to publish 38 chapters as of now. So you’ll have to stay a while if you want to read the forthcoming Greedy Registration Chapter 76 officially.

Ijin’s Next Opponent

Lewis Bailey will most presumably not try to mess with Ijin presently.

Indeed though Lewis told Ijin to stay down from Shin Yuna, he has no power to apply anything. Therefore Ijin has nothing to worry about. The chapter of the Bailey group is nearly over.

So who’ll be Ijin’s coming opponent and when will they appear? Before any other original gorilla or agency tries to get in Ijin’s way, we suppose that he’ll get plant out by his once related mercenary group, and they will shoot elite cutthroats against him.

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Ijin helpedNo. 032 andNo. 006 escape from the group. So it’s likely that the group will soon find out about him. How will it go when the mercenaries deluge his city and try to take him back?

Ijin has made a good number of abettors since he returned, he has people who he can count onnow.However, his former pious teammates and current abettors can help him, If the greedy group decides to shoot people to croak Ijin or indeed bring him back.

Greedy Registration 76 raw reviews will reveal what Ijin does next. But we will have to stay a while before we find out what happens.

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