Spoiler Eleceed Chapter 179 Raw Scan And Release Date

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Manga, Rakyantnesia – Jiwoo’s mama left veritably snappily and with her gone, Jiwoo and Kayden can again go back to their training from the forthcoming Eleceed Chapter 179.

Jiwoo’s mama created a wholesome moment at her house with her presence and all of his musketeers and his master ca n’t help but like her. The strongest in Korea, Jiyoung also came to pay her a visit and was a rough awakener, Kayden also conducted meetly in front of her.
Jiwoo’s body still has n’t recovered fully but with the help from Curtin, he has been recovering veritably snappily. His new life of his as an awakener is suited him and he ca n’t help but feel blessed about it.

Having one of the strongest Awakeners as his schoolteacher has helped him in a lot of ways. His influence as an awakener is growing veritably fleetly in this new world but with that new adversaries are also approaching him.
Kayden has made adversaries each over the world during his time and now that the world knows about his new pupil they all will be coming for him. Kayden has earned himself the title, “ Break” due to all the annihilation he caused.

We still do n’t know who was the bone who injured someone as strong as Kayden. Although Kayden mentioned that he was attacked by a group there’s a chance that those people might still be looking for him.
Jiwoo’s mama has been trying to find a cure to heal or suppress the awaken traits of his son but she can now eventually rest easy. With the support of Kayden and Shinwa at his reverse, Jiwoo can rest easy but there are still a lot of problems that he might be facing as he keeps moving forward.

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Eleceed Chapter 179 RAW Release Date

Not only Kayden but Curtin made his appearance although doubtful he was a little late and was n’t suitable to meet Jiwoo’s mama. Although we still do n’t important about her and her profession and can say that she’s still full of mystifications.

There were no addresses about Jiwoo’s father which also raises numerous questions but we all can hope to know further about him as the story progress.

The forthcoming Eleceed 179 English Chapter will be released coming week on 2nd February. If there be to be any detainments we will make sure to keep you all informed through our composition so keep visiting.

The Raw Reviews of this manhua will be available around a day or two before the release of the rearmost chapter. We all can anticipate the Raw Reviews of Eleceed Chapter 179 to release around 30th January.

Nano Machine Chapter 91 and Tokyo Punishers Chapter 240 are also releasing this week, on Tuesday.

Eleceed Chapter 179 Predictions And Discussions

Kayden has fully converted himself into a cat and intentionally Curtin did the same too. Although he has learned a lot in this new body of his and is perfecting veritably fleetly and indeed defeated a trained beat in a single attack.
The One Who Defeated Kayden
Kayden had to take the body of the cat because his original body was gravely injured and he’d to hide from the adversaries who were chasing him. Kayden was running down which was veritably unlike him and he mentioned that his adversaries ganged upon him to bring him down to that condition.

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As we all have seen Kayden is a veritably important Awakener and can be fluently put in the top 10 list of the most important Awakener in the World. The Top 10 Awakener do n’t fight within themselves nor do they accept outside challenges so it’s veritably hard to estimate their exact strength.

The only group important enough to push Kayden to that extent are the top 10 Awakeners in that world. He indeed managed to master the strongest awakener in Korea, Seongik Han and so we can imagine how important he has been in his original body.

Fighting him is no joke, so it’ll be veritably intriguing to see who were those people who rose against them.

The Upcoming Challenge

The last battle Jiwoo had was with one of the top 100 awakeners in the world and although he managed to secure a palm with a skulk attack he rechallenged him when he can eventually face him. Like his master, he noway backs down from any challenge and it does n’t matter whom he’s facing.
Jiwoo has come the target of all those who were trying to seek vengeance from Kayden and learn his force control. He must be strong enough not only to cover himself but prove to the world his worth to come the pupil of one of the topmost.

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Jiwoo has come one of the biggest means of Korea so he has also come a point of interest for the whole world. After defeating the strongest novitiate in the world he has now gained his title and all the remaining countries will now be keeping a close eye on him.

Eleceed 179 Spoilers Manhwa

We all are veritably agitated about the forthcoming Eleceed Chapter 179. The spoilers are eventually then and Jiwoo’s mama has deep ties with transnational awakened society as anticipated.

  • Jiwoo’s mama is seen on the thoroughfares leaving home.
  • We see Jiwoo signaling farewell to her.
  • Also Jiwoo goes back by.
  • Jiwoo’s mama is sad to go after seeing his son but soon feels like someone is watching her.
  • It’s none other than Dark from the once chapters.
  • Dark is astonished to know that Jiwoo is her son.
  • She asks how Dark knows her son and what’s the relationship between them.
  • Dark says nothing important and all is good and he’ll keep this secret.
  • Also we see Kayden and Jiwoo training.
  • Once the training is over, Kurtein takes a look at Jiwoo’s body and tells him that his core is completely healed now.
  • Kurtein says that he’ll be leaving now, but deep down inside he’s not ready to leave yet.
  • In the last panel we see Jiwoo ask Kurtein to stay a bit longer and he agrees.

moch akbar fitrianto

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