Read My Hero Academia Chapter 424 : Spoilers and Raw Release Date

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My Hero Academia
Bagikan – The alleged spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 424 reveal major developments after the intense war between heroes and villains. The chapter continues a few days post-battle, focusing on the aftermath and rebuilding efforts.

In the previous chapter, Deku, with help from Bakugo and Todoroki, delivered a decisive punch to All For One, causing Shigaraki’s body to decay. Within the vestige world, Deku joined forces with Shigaraki to defeat All For One, resulting in the deaths of both Shigaraki and All For One.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Spoilers

My Hero Academia

The chapter opens in Washington, where Meryl, a reporter, remarks on the weather, attributing the strong winds to Deku’s powerful punch that ended the war. In Japan, heroes like Cementoss and Salaam are seen rebuilding the country, with the help of foreign heroes who have arrived to assist in the reconstruction. Setsuna helps a pro hero in construction, and Koichi Haimawari, from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, is spotted flying in the sky. A reporter comments on the rapid pace of reconstruction made possible by quirks.

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The scene then shifts to a central hospital where Katsuki Bakugo is being examined. The doctor informs Bakugo that his arms are severely damaged, casting doubt on the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

The doctor suggests using robotic limbs similar to those of Mirko, but Bakugo declines, as his quirk relies on the sweat produced by his palms. Despite his condition, Bakugo is determined to continue as a hero and plans to undergo light exercises as advised, although his heart is also at risk.

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In another hospital room, Deku and All Might are seen resting together. Deku laments his inability to save Tenko Shimura, despite ridding Shigaraki of his hatred. All Might inquire about Shigaraki’s state in their final encounter, prompting a flashback.

Deku reassures All Might that he still senses the One For All quirk within him. Bakugo then enters, shocked to learn that Deku retains his quirk. Reflecting on their past, Bakugo becomes emotional and expresses his desire to continue competing with Deku as a hero.

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All Might commend both Deku and Bakugo for their growth, acknowledging them as the greatest heroes. The chapter concludes with a narration from Deku, reflecting on the ongoing journey post-war. The final scenes show glimpses of Shoto and Ochako, followed by Deku, Iida, and Kaminari walking toward U.A., setting the stage for the chapter titled “Epilogue.”

This summary encapsulates the essence of the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 424, emphasizing the characters’ resilience and the transition from conflict to recovery and rebuilding.

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