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Blue Lock
Bagikan – Kaiser has abandoned his pride and is struggling to reclaim his identity from the beginning. Kaiser has been long awaited by his fans and now he has arrived. Munich’s bastards seem to really own the field at the moment. Rin, Shidou, Charles, and Karasu were completely turned off. The game has turned very interesting and we are all eagerly waiting to see who will score the next goal. In this article, we will discuss the upcoming exact release date of Blue Lock chapter 264, raw scans, and other details. So keep reading to find out everything.

Blue Lock

Isagi scored an incredible goal with a Two Gul volley that shocked both the opponents and the fans. He is currently the most important figure on the field. PXG is still even in terms of goals but is very behind in terms of attack power. Rin, who is currently the best player on the field, is increasingly being overshadowed. It won’t be long before we see some dynamic changes at PXG. Let’s discuss a little about this latest chapter before discussing further about the exact release date of Blue Lock 264 and other details.

Blue Lock Chapter 263 Recap

The final manga chapter begins with Kaiser as the main character. He has completely let go of his ego and is ready to accept any path necessary to achieve success. Katiser is no longer focused solely on Ness to achieve his goals. He brought Raichi into his game and provided an assist. This was very unexpected even for its allies and put PXG in an even more tense condition.

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Amongst all this chaos, a silent assassin from Bastard Munchen lurks in the background looking for an opportunity to score a goal for himself. Kiyora Jin is another Bastard Munich striker and is a silent killer amidst this chaos. Currently, the dynamic evolution of Isagi and Kaiser has made the field extremely chaotic and their every move is increasingly difficult to predict. It will be very interesting to see which of these stickers will score a goal against the opponent.

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Kiyora Jin

Kiyora Jin is a striker on the Bastard Munchen team and is currently not in the top 35 list. He has previously appeared in the Japan Vs Blue Lock under 20 match. He is a player from the Japanese team. Currently he plays as a right back in the Bastard Munchen team.

Kiyora hasn’t been very prominent yet, but with the latest news, fans are eager to see what he brings to the field. He was currently focused on the pair of Isagi and Kaiser who were running towards the goal. If Isagi fails to score, it will return to Kaiser to take the loose ball and score a goal.

Kiyora was probably looking forward to a scenario where someone intervened and both of Bastard Munchen’s attackers failed to score. The author introduces a hidden ace at the end of the story and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. If you are looking for the exact Blue Lock 264 release date or raw scan release date, you can find it in the section below.

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Blue Lock Chapter 264 Release Date & Raw Scans

The next round of Blue Lock might be a turning point for the entire game as new predators might emerge. Isagi with his new volley and Kaiser with his revival, Bastard Munchen is currently at the peak of his attack power.

The exact release date of the upcoming Blue Lock 264 is set on June 4, 2024. The upcoming chapter will be titled, “Dead Dead Alive”. This chapter will most likely focus on Kiyora’s backstory and the reasons behind her silence and closed nature.

Blue Lock Chapter 264 Raw Scan Release Date

The next round will be an interesting one and fans are eager to see what made Noel choose Kiyora for the final match. Kiyora has been one of the most hidden characters to date, but in this final game, she might also get a chance to shine. He had yet to make it onto the top list of the Neo-Selfish League and this might be the last chance for him to make a name for himself.

There will be no break next week for Blue Lock. The upcoming Raw Scan Blue Lock 264 Release Date is set on June 2, 2024. Raw Scan will be in Japanese and you will have to wait a day or two to get the English Subtitle. We strongly recommend that you read this chapter through official means to support the creator and author.

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Blue Lock Chapter 264 Spoilers

If you are looking for a Blue Lock 264 Spoiler then you have come to the right place. In this section, we will discuss possible theories for the upcoming chapter. There are no Raw Scans or Spoilers available yet, but we will make sure to update the Blue Lock 264 Spoilers as soon as they are available.

The story of Kiyora Jin

Kiyora is currently one of the mysterious characters in the Bastard Munchen team. He is not very visible but is now looking for opportunities to appear. Amidst all the chaos on the pitch, he was the only one who was calm and didn’t lose sight of what was important. The title of the next chapter talks about something that dies from life.

As much as we have seen from Kiyora, he is a very calm and reserved man. Fans can see the reason behind the silence in the upcoming chapter. There is also the possibility that we will see Kaiser get worse if Kiyora or Isagi manages to steal a goal from him.


After Kaiser’s backstory, his fans empathized more towards him and were looking forward to seeing him in the score. PXG is clearly behind, but if Charles and Rin can evolve, they can turn things around. Currently, Charles has lost his motivation to fight, but looking at the dynamics on the field, he might evolve too.

In this article, we have discussed the exact upcoming release date of Blue Lock 264, spoilers and other details. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask via the comments column. Thank you for reading.

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