Read One Piece Chapter 1116 : Spoilers and Raw Release Date

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One Piece
Bagikan – One Piece fans eagerly awaited Chapter 1116, hoping for more insights into the mysterious Void Century following recent revelations in the series.

However, spoilers for this chapter diverted from historical secrets, focusing instead on present-day events. The escalating tension at Egghead Island is highlighted, with the balance of power seemingly shifting back in favor of the Gorosei.

One notable aspect of the chapter is Dr. Vegapunk’s condemnation of Gol D. Roger and his crew. Despite having acquired knowledge about the Void Century, they seemingly took no action, a fact that Vegapunk openly criticizes. This revelation adds another layer to the complexity of the story, raising questions about the responsibilities of those who possess critical information.

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One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers

One Piece

The chapter commences by depicting widespread global reactions to Dr. Vegapunk’s discourse on the Void Century War. Curiosity abounds as people ponder how a conflict could persist for 800 years despite the passage of time.

The narrative then shifts to Mariejois, where a shadowed figure, presumably Imu, gazes at a portrait bearing a striking resemblance to Vivi D. Nefertari. This hints at a deep-rooted connection between Imu and Vivi, possibly dating back to the Void Century.

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Subsequent scenes in Alabasta depict the aftermath of the Reverie, with citizens reacting to Vivi’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Dr. Vegapunk unveils a startling revelation about the theft of a portion of the Mother Flame, a key component used to activate an Ancient Weapon.

This implicitly confirms Imu’s possession of Uranus, the destructive force referenced by Lulusia and the Gorosei as the “Mother Flame.”

As the chapter progresses, Vegapunk’s message continues to reveal, shedding light on the mysteries of the Void Century. He singles out Gol D. Roger and his crew as the only group to have fully grasped the truth, yet chastises them for their inaction. The chapter concludes with a poignant moment featuring Silvers Rayleigh in Sabaody, pondering the role of elder figures like himself and Vegapunk in shaping the destinies of younger pirates.

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While Chapter 1116 may not have gone as deeply into historical revelations as fans anticipated, it nevertheless delivers compelling developments in the ongoing narrative, further entrenching the intrigue surrounding the Void Century and the formidable forces at play in One Piece.

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