Read Serena Chapter 87 : Spoilers and Raw Release Date

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Bagikan – In the latest chapter, Eiser roared like a wild animal, leaving fans eagerly awaiting Serena Chapter 87 (Selena). However, there’s disappointing news for fans as this chapter marks the end of Season 1. The announcement came from the artist himself following the release of this new chapter.

Recap Serena Chapter 86

The previous chapter started with Serena and Eiser applying for leave for summer vacation. He was in no condition to work because of last night’s incident and the bite marks.

It seemed like Eiser had turned into a wild animal, there were so many bite marks on his body. They decided to spend their holiday in this big house. Eiser also said that he would not let anyone go up to the third floor. Serena can dress however she likes.

Four days!

Serena decided to use her parents’ old room which was quite spacious. They spent four days together doing naughty things to each other. This was crazy, both men were in beast mode at this point.

Apart from that, the art displayed is very beautiful in this chapter. You can say that it is a perfect 10/10. And it’s not over yet because this chapter ends with Eiser wanting Serena more.

Serena Chapter 87 Release Date & Time

The manhwa entitled Serena Chapter 87 (Selena) is ready to be released on May 24 2024, at 22.00 WIB.

Zona waktuTanggalWaktu
Waktu Standar Korea25 Mei 202412:00 (KST)
Waktu Standar Pasifik24 Mei 202407:00 (PST)
Waktu Standar India24 Mei 202420:30 (IST)
Waktu Eropa Tengah24 Mei 202416:00 (CET)
Waktu Standar Australia25 Mei 20241:30 pagi (AST)
Waktu Standar Jepang25 Mei 202412:00 (JST)

Where to Read Serena Chapter 87?

Fans and readers can read and enjoy the manhwa Serena Chapter 87 only on the Naver and Webtoons platforms.


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