Read Eleceed Chapter 297: Spoilers and Raw Release Date

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Bagikan – The long-awaited confrontation between Gestella and Kayden finally happened, straining fans’ nerves. When Gestella kidnaps Jiwoo, tensions increase. However, as many fans suspected, Gestella’s intentions were not malicious. He kidnaps Jiwoo with the intention of meeting Kayden’s rumored students, but unexpectedly, Kayden also manages to track them down. In detail, we will discuss Eleceed chapter 297 release date, raw scans, and other details.

Due to Jiwoo’s recent victories and battles, her presence as Kayden’s student became more prominent. Kayden has been a lone wolf his whole life, even though he has strong Force Control and has many offers, he refuses to become a student. Things are different in Jiwoo’s case, so now she is both caring and jealous of other people. Let’s discuss more about this latest chapter before discussing the Eleceed 297 manhwa release date and other details.

Eleceed Chapter 296 Recap

Gestella kidnaps Jiwoo by using her power control. As we have seen, his power control seems to be where he can use teleportation as his main weapon. He easily teleported Jiwoo and easily sent her back. Although the teleportation power didn’t seem to be very strong in terms of attacks, he definitely had some hidden aces. Jiwoo barely survives Gestella’s presence which shows how strong she is.

On the other hand, Gestella acknowledged Jiwoo’s determination and decided to let her go. He wants to know how Kayden is doing and Jiwoo is afraid that he could use that knowledge against Kayden. But as we have seen up to now, Gestella doesn’t want to hurt Jiwoo and her only interest in Jiwoo is because of Kayden. All these developments make fans and us even more curious about the past. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the upcoming ELeceed 297 to know more about their relationship.

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Eleceed Chapter 297 Release Date & Time

Kayden and Gestella are now facing each other. Kayden still hasn’t fully recovered, but if things get worse, he definitely won’t run away from the fight. Pluton and Kratein will probably follow behind. However, the possibility of an all-out fight was very slim at this point. Kayden and Gestella might challenge each other to a rematch. If a rematch happens between the two, then Pluton may have to wait even longer for his match.

An unexpected and surprising event will happen to Eleceed this week. Two chapters will be released at once this week. Eleceed 297 will be released on May 8 along with Eleceed 296. This chapter will be updated at midnight in Korea. For fans living in Asian countries, the upcoming chapter will be available around 8:30. If you live in Europe, the upcoming Eleceed 297 will be available around 5:30pm EST.

Eleceed Chapter 297 Raw Scan Release Date

Fans are very excited to watch the confrontation between Kayden and Gestella. Kayden performed a heroic action by stopping Jiwoo’s teleportation in the middle. We all can’t wait to see what these two powerful builders will do next. The next chapter is still a week away, but fans can expect Eleceed 297 raw scans before the actual chapter.

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Raw Scan will be available in Korean and released two to three days before official publication. Fans can expect the Eleceed 297 Raw Scans release date to be around May 13, 2024. Raw Scans are mostly circulating on pirated sites. However, we highly recommend you to read through the official platform to support the creators and publishers. You can read Eleceed officially for free on Webtoon.

Eleceed Chapter 297 Spoilers

If you are looking for Eleceed 297 Spoiler, then you are in the right place. No leaks or raw scans of the Eleceed 297 have been released yet, but be sure to check back with us in a few days. We will make sure to update the spoilers till then. Thank you for being patient. In the meantime, you can read about some curious questions fans have about the upcoming chapter.

Who Will Win Between Kayden And Gestella

Gestella does have a very strong technique. Teleportation can not only be used to land powerful surprise attacks but also defend almost any major attack. Although Teleportation is not Gestella’s only ability. His powers also contain a misty substance similar to that of his minion, Blues. The Blues Mist is capable of inflicting intense pain and attacks on others and Gestella may do something similar.

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As we have seen before, Kayden has one of the strongest attack abilities. The lighting is capable of doing a lot of damage in the blink of an eye. Teleportation may prove powerful against Kayden, but as we saw in the previous chapter, Kayden also managed to get inside Gestella’s space. Kayden must have learned the secret behind the technique. So in conclusion, if Kayden and Gestella were to fight at their peak form, Kayden would probably win.

Gestella’s True Intentions

When Gestella was kidnapped, most fans thought that an all-out fight was inevitable. However, after seeing how Gestella treated Jiwoo, she seemed like a kind woman to Jiwoo and the readers. Getstella may be more similar to Kayden than we thought.

The main reason why he kidnapped Jiwoo was to find out how Kayden was doing, which hints that he might be worried about her. It was possible that he also just wanted to have a rematch with Kayden to see who was stronger. He has special pride in being one of the Top 10 Awakeners. Gestella thought that Blues had been injured by Kayden, so he might as well confront Kayden for injuring his lackey. The upcoming Eleceed 297 will probably answer all these questions. Let’s just wait what will happen next.


Jiwoo and Kayden are now both fighting Gestella. Even though the chances of fighting were very small, it was still never 0 for Kayden. In this article, we have discussed all about the upcoming Eleceed 297 release date, raw scans and other details. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask via the comments section. We will be happy to answer any doubts you may have. Thank you for reading.


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