Read Blue Lock Chapter 261: Spoilers and Raw Release Date

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Bagikan – The dark story of Michael Kaiser’s childhood is revealed after he experiences a terrible loss. Kaiser, known as one of the biggest young talents in world football, joined Bastard Munich in the hope of conquering Noel Noa and making his name as the next great player. However, his ambitions are in danger of collapsing. This article will discuss the Blue Lock 261 release date, raw scan results, as well as interesting theories regarding the upcoming chapter.

Currently, Blue Lock is hosting its most popular match of the moment. With the existence of the egotistical Neo league, the popularity of the manga Blue Lock is expanding. Currently, the finals of the Neo-Selfish League are underway. Bastard Munchen with talented players like Isagi, Kaiser, Kunigami, and Ness faced PXG with players like Rin, Shidou, Charles, and others. The match is currently in a deadlock with both teams scoring one goal each. Isagi plans to score a hat trick, but this won’t be easy because time is running out.

The future of Japanese football is currently hanging in the balance. The best players in the Neo Selfish League will not only receive offers from foreign clubs, but will also have the opportunity to represent their country in the U-19 World Cup. Some of the biggest clubs in the world have sent their players to Japan and are currently trying to recruit many talented talents from here.

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Blue Lock Chapter 260 Recap

Let’s talk a little about the last chapter before discussing Blue Lock 261 release date and other details. After Kaiser misses his last chance, the story shifts to his childhood. No one would have thought that Kaiser had grown up in such harsh circumstances. Kaiser’s mother left him after giving birth and his father was a drunkard who often abused and beat Kaiser.

Kaiser resorted to theft during his childhood to survive and make ends meet. With the little money he could save, he bought himself a soccer ball. The ball was the only thing keeping him sane in the house. He used to play with the ball and vent his frustration.

Later, Kaiser was framed for a heist he was not part of. Kaiser was about to be taken to the police station when his father tried to puncture his balls. Something struck Kaiser at that moment, he landed a hard kick on his father and also hit another police officer with the ball. Later, at the police station, PIFA agent and current president Ray Dark recruits Kaiser as a player.

Blue Lock Chapter 261 Release Date & Time

After Kaiser’s childhood story, there is a stronger sense of attachment among his fans. No one expected that he would go down so easily. Even though he had failed to score, he would definitely return. Even the slightest mistake can cause a big deflection in football, Kaiser is known for his precision and accuracy, so it is very rare to see him miss. The next chapter will probably continue a little about him before we get back to the main event.

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Fortunately, there has been no news regarding a break until now. The upcoming Blue Lock 261 release date is scheduled for May 15, 2024. The chapter will be titled “Malice” and will most likely continue to focus on Kaiser. This chapter will be released at midnight in Japan. If you live in Asian countries, the upcoming chapter will be available around 20:00 IST on the online platform. For people in European countries, this chapter will be available around 4:30pm EST.

Raw Scan Blue Lock Chapter 261 Release Date & Time

In future chapters, we may get to see more of Kaiser and how a kid went from a thief to one of football’s most popular talents. The upcoming chapter is titled, Malice and fans are most likely expecting this chapter to focus on Kaiser, Noel Noa, and Isagi.

Raw scans are usually available two days before the actual release. In the upcoming Raw Scan Blue Lock 261 will most likely be released on May 13, 2024. The raw scan will be in Japanese, you can also check out some fan translations before the official release. However, we highly recommend you to wait for the official release and only read through official platforms like Kondasha.

Blue Lock Chapter 261 Spoilers

If you are looking for a Blue Lock 261 Spoiler, then you are in the right place. We will post spoilers as soon as there are leaks or raw scans. Be sure to check back with us in a few days, we’ll release Blue Lock spoilers as soon as they’re available. Let’s discuss some theories about the upcoming Blue Lock 261.

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Return of the Kaiser

In the upcoming Blue Lock 261, Kaiser fans can finally witness Kaiser’s return. After the sad truth behind his childhood, Kaiser’s fan base broadened. Kaiser’s hatred for Isagi pushes him beyond his limits. In future chapters, we might also see the reasons behind that hatred.

When Kaiser first came to Blue Lock, he challenged Isagi by belittling him. However, Isagi has grown exponentially during this short duration. Kaiser lagged behind, but it was not his style to live in the shadow of others. In the next chapter, we might see Kaiser again aiming for victory.

Noel’s intervention

Noal Noa is the captain of the Bastard Munchen team and is also in charge of Kaiser and the others. Kaiser’s recruitment is a mystery and Noel Noa is likely behind it. Noal had previously warned Kaiser not to be obsessed with Isagi and now his obsession resulted in his downfall.

Noal probably gave Kaiser a final rebuke or warning. It’s time for Kaiser to forget his rivalry with Isagi. If these two players play together, Bastard Munich will be unstoppable. Even the tightest defense wouldn’t be able to stop these two from getting in and scoring.


The upcoming Blue Lock 261 will be an interesting match because as the battle heats up, we can finally see Kaiser evolve. If Kaiser managed to make a breakthrough, then he would become one of the greatest forces on the field.

In this article, we have discussed the Blue Lock 261 release date, raw scans, and other fan theories. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask via the comments section. Thanks for reading.


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