Read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256, Spoilers And Raw Release Date

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Bagikan – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 Spoilers delve into the complexities and strategic aspects of the Black Flash technique amidst a tense battle with Sukuna. Starting with an enlightening flashback featuring Satoru Gojo, the chapter delves into the unpredictable nature of Black Flash, setting the scene for Yuji Itadori’s pivotal role and his potential to surpass Gojo’s achievements in mastering this formidable attack.

As the narrative unfolds, a tense showdown ensues, highlighting the strategic depth, character development, and raw power dynamics at play.

With alliances tested and strategies pushed to their limits, the chapter weaves together past insights and present confrontations, culminating in a pivotal moment that signifies Yuji’s growth and the escalating threat posed by Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 Spoilers & Raw Scancs

The chapter, titled “Beyond the Black Flash,” begins with a thought-provoking flashback featuring the beloved Satoru Gojo, shedding light on the mysterious technique known as Black Flash.

The flashback is set during a teaching moment with Gojo at the center, discussing the elusive nature of Black Flash with his students. The conversation quickly turns to why Gojo, despite his immense power and the possession of the Six Eyes, cannot intentionally activate Black Flash at will.

Gojo, initially taken aback by the assumption that his abilities should allow him such control, clarifies that the activation of Black Flash is far from straightforward.

He reveals that even in his case, achieving a Black Flash involves imbuing his cursed technique (CT) into his punches and relying on a degree of luck, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of this powerful attack.

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Interestingly, Gojo notes that while his former colleague, Nanami, may hold a higher record for consecutive Black Flashes, Gojo himself has achieved it more times in total. This, Gojo explains, is due to the brevity of his battles, which seldom provide ample opportunities to utilize Black Flash.

In a surprising twist, Gege Akutami, the author of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” adds a note immediately following this revelation, stating that Gojo’s impressive record is set to be surpassed by Yuji Itadori in terms of overall Black Flash hits. This prospective note hints at Yuji’s growing prowess and potentially pivotal role in the unfolding narrative.

The chapter then shifts focus back to the present, where the battle against the formidable Sukuna intensifies.

Miguel expresses concern that Sukuna’s momentum could become unstoppable, prompting discussions on the necessity to eliminate him before his RCT (Reverse Cursed Technique) output returns to its peak. The allies, realizing the gravity of their situation, decide to join forces in a bid to thwart Sukuna’s plans.

A dramatic encounter follows, with Yuji attempting to ensnare Sukuna using a railing, while Choso unleashes a supernova attack. However, Sukuna deftly evades their coordinated assault.

The tension escalates as Maki joins the fray, attempting a direct attack on Sukuna with her sword, only for Sukuna to counterattack, demonstrating his increased power and agility. In a shocking turn of events, Sukuna delivers his third Black Flash against Maki, marking a significant moment in the battle.

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The chapter reaches a climactic moment as Sukuna continues his offensive, with Choso stepping in to block a lethal slash.

Yet, Sukuna’s cunning is on full display as he uses his slashes to distract Choso, enabling a devastating surprise attack. Sukuna’s fourth Black Flash against Choso underscores the dire situation faced by the protagonists and sets the stage for further high-stakes confrontations.

Choso, ever strategic in his approach, posits a significant observation: regardless of how many times Sukuna executes a Black Flash, if Yuji Itadori can manage to land his punches on Sukuna, it could drastically reduce Sukuna’s Cursed Energy (CE) output and his control over Megumi’s body.

This insight suggests a glimmer of hope for the protagonists, emphasizing Yuji’s crucial role in the battle’s dynamics.

In a surprising turn, Miguel proposes a retreat, sensing the gravity of their situation against Sukuna’s overwhelming power.

However, Larue, driven by unfinished business, chooses to stay behind, hinting at deeper motives and unresolved conflicts within the group. This moment of disagreement underscores the complex relationships and individual agendas among the characters, enriching the story’s depth.

The narrative then shifts back to the ferocious duel between Yuji and Sukuna, with Yuji displaying remarkable resilience and tactical acumen. In a breathtaking moment, Yuji counters Sukuna’s attempt to overpower him by unleashing Piercing Blood, a technique he executes with an object given to him by Choso, showcasing the collaborative spirit among the fighters.

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Sukuna, momentarily pushed back by Yuji’s counterattack, senses a looming threat as Yuji enters “the zone,” a state indicative of his readiness to launch a decisive Black Flash. This development is paralleled with a flashback to Mahito, highlighting the significance of Black Flash in sensing and responding to opponents’ moves.

Sukuna, recognizing the imminent danger, finds his consciousness inexplicably diverted, a tactical maneuver orchestrated by Larue’s unique Cursed Technique (CT).

Larue’s ability to not only manipulate physical forms but also to capture the consciousness of his targets adds a new layer of complexity to the battle, showcasing the diverse range of powers in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” universe.

The chapter reaches its climax as Yuji, empowered by his unwavering resolve and the strategic advantage provided by Larue’s intervention, lands a monumental Black Flash on Sukuna.

This moment is not just a physical triumph but a significant narrative turning point, symbolizing Yuji’s awakening and the potential unlocking of his latent abilities. The narrator’s declaration of Yuji’s awakening amidst the “scattering black sparks” serves as a poetic testament to his growth and the unpredictable nature of power within the series.


As Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 concludes, the battle’s outcome remains uncertain, but Yuji’s ascent marks a pivotal moment in the series. His ability to adapt, overcome, and harness his potential against seemingly insurmountable odds not only defines his character but also sets the stage for future developments.

Fans are left eagerly anticipating the repercussions of Yuji’s awakening and the evolving strategies of both the protagonists and antagonists in this ever-unfolding narrative.


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