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Bagikan – Fans’ enthusiasm is at its peak welcoming the release of Circles Chapter 165 which will be coming soon. Spoiler information and raw scans will soon be available on the Twitter account @Youngboy18plus. Han Nari’s lecture that started for Jaewoo became the main highlight that attracted fans’ interest with its extraordinary level of hotness.

Circles Chapter 164 Recap

Chapter 164 of Circles manhwa begins with Nari teasing Jaewoo while undressing. They are still in class.

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Suddenly a man shouted from the gate and said that he would have to use that room later. Jaewoo quickly hid Nari from view. Nari still wanted to do it with Jaehoo so she told him to get dressed and left the room.

Nari wanted him to make her satisfied. But then he gets a call and gets upset. He told Jaewoo to come to his apartment at night. For now, he had to go to a family gathering.

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Bunny Cosplay

She also asked him if he wanted her to wear anything special. But Jaewoo said anything was fine with him.

In the evening when he arrived at his room, he found Nari wearing a bunny outfit. And by God, he’s too cute.

And then a wonderful treat for Jaewoo and satisfaction for Nari begins that is too hot to handle. It’s not over for Nari, as we will probably see them again in the next chapter.

Drama Queens Storyline

The drama club of this institution organizes large-scale performances, attracting large audiences. However, I’m not sure if they were there to watch the drama or just observe the attractive women.

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“You are the right choice for me!” Jeon Jae-woo becomes a member of P&M, a theater and film club, after a series of unexpected events. However, what? The female members of the club carried out active aggression against Jeon Jae-woo. Can Jaewoo survive their armed attack and win his own affection?

Circles Chapter 165 Release Date & Time

Manhwa, Circles Chapter 165 will be released on April 7, 2024, at 18:00 WIB. This is the official date and time on the toptoon platform.

Zona waktuTanggalWaktu
Waktu Standar Korea7 April 20248 malam (KST)
Waktu Standar Pasifik7 April 202404.00 (PST)
Waktu Standar India7 April 202416:30 (IST)
Waktu Eropa Tengah7 April 202413.00 (CET)
Waktu Standar Filipina7 April 202417.00 (PST)
Waktu Standar Jepang7 April 202420:00 (JST)

Where to Read Circles Chapter 165?

Fans and readers can enjoy Circles Chapter 165 manga on Toptoon and Day Comics officially.


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