Read Blue Lock Chapter 257, Spoilers And Raw Release Date

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Read Blue Lock Chapter 257, Spoilers And Raw Release Date
Bagikan – With the release of the highly anticipated Blue Lock Chapter 257, competitive football fans are excited to dive deeper into the world of the sport. They can’t wait to see the exciting developments that will occur in this latest work and hope the author can provide a satisfying experience. With the tension increasing and the stakes getting bigger, Blue Lock Chapter 257 is believed to be a very entertaining show, filled with various conflicts and intrigue. In this article, we will comprehensively review the latest raw scans and spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 257, taking readers into a story world full of surprises and excitement.

Blue Lock Chapter 256 Recap

Chapter 256 of “Blue Lock” entitled “Contradict the Contrary” has Hiori devising a plan to counter Charles’ unpredictable game. Originally planning to block a straight forward pass, Hiori adjusted his tactics after learning how counter Charles was. When blocked by Kaiser and Ness, Charles made a bold pass which was then intercepted by Hiori as planned.

In response, Raichi begins a rapid counterattack masterminded by Hiori with Isagi as the fulcrum. In the previous match, the players made tactical moves such as those carried out by Ness, Grim, and Kaiser who tried to outwit their opponents but were met with resistance from Shidou, Kunigami, and Hiori.

Karasu only caused confusion when he faked a pass while Charles was surprised when he passed the ball to Shidou. Thus interrupted by Hiori who breaks the anticipated flow and shows his strategic acumen to Isagi. Opposed by Karasu, Hiori is able to use his abilities in such a way that allows Isagi to score without having to glance at his teammates. Things get heated in the middle of the match as players try to beat each other through strategic calculations and better adaptability.

Blue Lock Chapter 257 Spoilers

In the closing scene of the previous chapter, several players are gathered around the penalty box area, indicating that Rin Itoshi may be involved. Next to Charles as he passed to Shidou, it could be inferred that Rin started his run after Raichi intercepted the ball, probably intending to stop Isagi’s attack and win back possession of the ball.

Chapter 257 of “Blue Lock” is expected to highlight Isagi as he tries to score a goal against Rin and Kaiser’s resistance. After Hiori’s accurate cross was aimed at Isagi, Rin, and Kaiser chose to block it from progressing. Kunigami who accompanied Isagi along with Shidou had to make smart moves aimed at outwitting the opponent.

Even though the manga has been delayed for a week, fans need not worry because the latest chapter of this manga will not disappoint and they will love every second of reading it.

Blue Lock Chapter 257 Release Date & Time

Blue Lock Chapter 257 was supposed to be released on April 9, 2024. But the manga is currently on a week-long hiatus, so now this chapter will be released on April 10, 2024. In Japan, this chapter will be released on April 10, but in Indonesia this chapter will be released on April 9 due to time zone differences.

Here are the release times for Blue Lock Chapter 257 in various time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9
  • Central Standard Time: 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 15:00 on Tuesday, April 9
  • Central European Time: 4pm on Tuesday, April 9
  • Indian Standard Time: 20:30 on Tuesday, April 9
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm on Tuesday, April 9
  • Australian Central Standard Time: 12:30 on Wednesday, April 10

Due to the delay of Blue Lock 257, the raw scan release date was postponed. Fans can look forward to Blue Lock chapter 257 raw scans which will be released on April 8, 2024. We will update the spoilers for the upcoming chapter as soon as the raw scans are available.

Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 257?

For those who are waiting eagerly, Blue Lock Chapter 257 can be found on various reading platforms such as K Manga service by Kodansha, Pocket Shonen Magazine, and Kodansha Official English Website. Readers can get access to the platform only from the United States, while the VPN app is very helpful for international fans.

However, it should be noted that the latest chapters on Kodansha’s K Manga service require users to purchase points with several free chapters available each week. Despite these obstacles, they can use any of these platforms to stay up to date with ongoing manga developments or developing plots. Alternatively, you can find chapter 256 which in turn sets the stage for the events that will occur in chapter 257.


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