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Bagikan – Fans’ enthusiasm is peaking ahead of the release of Lookism Chapter 495. Raw scans and spoilers are available which can be enjoyed in the Lookismcomic community on Reddit. The tense battle scene between the Zero Generation members and the first generation kings takes an unexpected turn, presenting readers with a confusing moment. Keep following the latest developments and watch for interesting reversals in the upcoming chapters.

Lookism Chapter 494 Recap

Chapter 494 of Lookism shows the fight between King Ansan and Beoglu Lee. The King of Daegbu faces Gwang Yu and the King of Seoul faces the Kojima brothers.

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Meanwhile, King Icheon wants to fight against James Lee. However, he was not interested and wanted to watch the match between the First Generation King and the people from Generation Zero.

Ansan King’s Fist!

The first battle begins with King Ansan facing Beoglu Lee. His opponents began to give him knowledge on how he could become stronger.

All he had to do was abandon fighting with just his fists. Beoglu Lee knows Garpyoung Lee’s teaching methods. Then he began to defeat King Ansan easily. He had to throw his fists to become the strongest.

Or that’s what Beoglu Lee thought after King Ansan destroyed him with just one blow. It was so heavy that even Beoglu Lee’s hair fell out. He only fights with fists because he is a man.

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Tough As Steel

King Daegu easily began to dodge Gwang Yu’s attacks. However, with a dirty trick to block his eyes, he finally lost his momentum. And then he started getting kicks.

Gwang Yu felt disappointed with Buddha Ears. However, just like King Ansan, he immediately knocked Gwang Yu down while parrying his attack with his iron body.

Next is James Lee

Next is Kingd of Seoul which was also kicked by the Kojima brothers. James Lee thought that all the First Generation Kings were overrated. But King Icheon reminds him that this is just the beginning.

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As he said, everyone was just testing their opponents. Even the King of Seoul finished off the Kojima brothers with one attack.

Now it’s Shaman’s turn to make Seongji Yuk’s condition even worse. Shaman screamed for James Lee’s help. However, the plot twist is that James Lee also comes to kill the Shaman because he has Charles Choi’s weakness.

But before that, it seems that First Generation Kings wants to make James Lee as revenge for what he did to Seongji Yuk.

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 495?

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