Why 1xBet is a Preferred Choice Among Online Bettors In Indonesia

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Why 1xBet is a Preferred Choice Among Online Bettors In Indonesia

In recent years, sports betting has continued to gain traction in the Asian region, especially in countries like Indonesia and India, where there is an increasing amount of bettors each year.

In 2022, a survey by TGM Research revealed that over 38% of the Indonesian population was involved in some sort of sports betting activity within the previous 12 months. Following this growing interest, more companies now provide services tailored towards the fans in this region.

Though many sportsbooks are available in Indonesia, one of the top picks among online bettors in the country is 1xBet.

This article will cover some details on why 1xBet is the preferred Sportsbook amongst bettors in this region.

Trustworthiness of 1xBet

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One key factor that makes 1xbet  a top pick among players in Indonesia is the safe and secure betting platform it provides. The site uses the latest security systems to ensure user data protection and also proper security of financial details. 

1xBet holds a license from the Curaçao eGaming Authority. Thus, it operates under the jurisdiction of the regulatory body of Curaçao, which is one of the top regulatory bodies in the gambling industry.

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Put all these together, and then you get a secure sportsbook that can allow you to bet without any worries.

Broad Betting Market

One of the first things that most bettors look out for in a bookmaker is the availability of betting options and also the number of sports available.

1xBet has a broad betting market that covers popular sports like cricket, football, tennis, horse racing, rugby, basketball, and also eSports betting.

It means players will get the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of events, which adds to the overall fun of betting. 1xBet also has great support for all the top leagues worldwide. Thus, Indonesian players get the chance to play in these leagues and also choose from the numerous betting options available for each sports event. You can bet on the match result (W-D-W) bets, total goals(over/under), double chance, and more.

This level of versatility is one of the primary reasons why 1xBet is highly ranked among players, especially those in Indonesia.

User-Friendly Interface

1xBet has a simple interface that makes it easy for new bettors to play without any complications. That is why most new bettors prefer the easy navigation system. The layout makes it possible to access all the features from a single tap, and it is also optimized to run smoothly on mobile and desktop. Regardless of the site edition you use, 1xBet has a well-structured system that maintains the same experience as long as you use an HTML5-enabled device.

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Recent research in 2022 proved that 80% of Indonesia’s population own a smartphone. With such a high volume of smartphone users, most bettors use their mobile phones to bet online. Thus, the convenience of the 1xBet app makes it a top pick, as the mobile app experience is top-notch.

Payment Experience

Betting has a lot to do with deposits and withdrawals. That means you have to use a platform with great payment support for a smooth experience.

1xBet supports many payment options available in Indonesia. As a result, players get the freedom to make payments using bank transfers from local Indonesian banks, digital payment wallets, and other international e-wallets.

Deposits are instant on the site, and you also gain access to quick withdrawals when using cryptocurrencies. Traditional withdrawal methods can take some time due to different timeframes for transaction confirmation. The freedom to choose from a broad range of payment options is a bonus that players value a lot. That is why 1xBet gets a lot of positive reviews from Indonesian players, as it delivers in terms of payment.

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The Future Of 1xBet in Indonesia: Final Thoughts 

Though players have access to hundreds of bookmakers in Indonesia, the key highlights that make 1xBet special are the simple interface, great payment support, and also the overall free bet offers, which are often available to Indonesian players.

Due to the ever-changing interests of bettors, there is bound to be a shift in the betting goals of players. But, 1xBet is one of the few platforms that put user feedback into consideration when developing their platform. Thus, players often get loads of useful features matching their latest needs. It indicates that 1xBet will continue to remain the favorite choice for most bettors in Indonesia and Asia as a whole.


The attributes listed above are the reasons why 1xBet is the preferred choice for bettors in Indonesia. The site has been consistently impressing and improving to offer incredible services to locals. Sign up now to win life-changing money.


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