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Spoiler Kingdom Chapter 744 Manga RAW Spoiler And Release Date, Riboku Will Be Killed by Kanki ?

Kaine shows her dedication. No matter what, she will not let anything happen to the man she has dedicated her life too. But Riboku cares about Kaine too, which led him to come to her rescue. In Kingdom Chapter 743, we will see whether Riboku can manage to neutralize this situation or not.

Kingdom 744 Raw Scan Release Date

The raw scans of the upcoming Kingdom 744 are expected to arrive around December 17, 2022. They will be present in the newest issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine from Shueisha. From here, the raws will be leaked.

Once the raws come, they will be translated, typeset, redrawn, and so on. This process of conversion takes a while. Kingdom Manga 743 fan translations will probably be released somewhere around 20th December 2022. You can find them on google.

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Official English translations for this series are not a thing. They just do not get released in English. And from the looks of it, the creators have no intention of beginning it either. Hence, we fans have to resort to the online fan versions.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 115 and One Piece 1070 raw scans are also getting published soon, do keep an eye out for them.

Who is Riboku’s shield?
She has been by Riboku’s side for a long time now. We have appreciated her for supporting him so closely and being the most loyal subject for the general. In this chapter, Kaine proves that she is Riboku’s shield. And this shield is incredibly resistant!

Kaine comes in time to help Riboku escape, despite his protests. She promises to follow him if he manages to flee from here. Then she goes on to challenge the Shuma and Zenou clan. In Kingdom 743 spoilers, we will see if Kaine manages to save Riboku or not.

What is the Riboku army doing?
Despite Kanki’s great surprise, Riboku can’t be underestimated. His army is deployed extremely smartly. The nearby groups can come to assist the main camp. Riboku immediately had his nearby troops rush in, which posed a huge threat to kanki.

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However, the Hi Shin Unit and the Gaku Ka Unit were nearby as well. They stakes different routes and saw the Zhao troops rushing in. Both Shin and Mouten realized that they have to stall these groups from reaching Riboku, lest kanki will die.

Spoiler Kingdom 744

kingdom 744

Kanki Unit keep pushing Riboku unit, while kaine still fainted after protecting Riboku.
Riboku Back For Kaine.

Reinforcement come to Riboku from different side. Shin Hold Up on the Behind. While everybody concentrating on defending Riboku. Kanki Came and steal the Prey. Will Kanki Succeed beheade Ribokiu?

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