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Spoiler Kingdom Manga 703 RAW Anda release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – In this blog composition, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 703 spoilers, leaks, raw reviews, release date and where you can read it fairly!

Kingdom Chapter 702 Recap

  • In the former chapter of area (Kingdom Chapter 702), we saw
  • .
  • Li Mu gathered everyone and told them that he’ll leave for Gian in the north;
  • Shun Sui Ju verified that the constructions near the two fortifications were over;
  • His inferiors were surprised by this decision, except for Gaku Sho;
  • . He and his colors were transferred to the south, at Bujou and Heiyou;
  • . At the Zhao borders, the Hi Shin unit was celebrating the new time;
  • . Latterly, when the Qin army reached Heiyou, they foud one of the giant castles they had ever seen;
  • . A siege palace, endearingly named Ko-Shun, was brought out to help gauge the enormous castle walls;
  • . A small group of dogfaces slipped between the two castles to survey the area;
  • There was no Kantan in sight, but a great wall masked it;
  • . A dogface told Ousen that the wall ran on for 250 Li;
  • No bone knows how such a huge edifice was erected right under their tips;
  • Li Mu had ordered this bulwark to be erected three times agone;
  • Ousen sounded to have figured out where the most important center for this war is, and he refocused it to Gian on the chart.

Kingdom Chapter 703 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 703 Release Date is listed on December 12th, 2021.

Kingdom Chapter 703 Release Date December 12th, 2021

. Kingdom Chapter 703 Raw Reviews & Leaks December 10th, 2021

. Kingdom Chapter 703 Spoilers December 10th, 2021

Kingdom Chapter 703 Raw Reviews & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 703 Raw Reviews & Leaks aren’t released yet. Similar raw reviews generally start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the sanctioned release of the chapter.

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So, you can anticipate Kingdom Chapter 703 Raw Reviews & Leaks to be available by December 10th, 2021.

Kingdom Chapter 703 Spoilers
Kingdom Chapter 703 spoilers aren’t released yet. Similar raw reviews generally start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the sanctioned release of the chapter.

So, you can anticipate Kingdom Chapter 703 spoilers to be available by December 10th, 2021.

Kingdom Chapter 703 spoilers status Available.

  • Kanki army went to Heiyou and Ousen army went to Bujou and both feel to have begun to encircle the castles at the same time;
  • Kanki’s butchery might beget huge army from Kantan to counterattack, but it seems like they’ve transferred dogfaces that were posted outside to Heiyou and Bujou castles;
  • . Perhaps Zhao people got spooked after seeing what Kanki did;
  • Riboku made a comeback to Kantan after Zhao lost Kochou, but they aren’t showing any big changes yet;
  • . At this point, indeed Riboku can not do anything;
  • . Although Heiyou and Bujou are two big castles, they do n’t have strength equal to Kantan or Gyou;
  • . They will reach Zhao’s capital and they should continue to push forward and finish them formerly and for all;
  • A runner arrived and he said that he’d a carrier chump from General Ousen to Chief of Military Affairs;
  • Shouheikun read the communication and Ei Sei asked what it was about;
  • Shouheikun said that it’s a communication from General Ousen in which he said that there’s a Great Wall between the 2 castles and Kantan, and that it’ll be delicate to pass through;
  • . Officers are surprised and wondered what does he mean by it’ll be delicate to pass through? Does he mean we wo n’t be suitable to reach Kantan?;
  • Shoubunkun asked everyone to calm down, and added that they do n’t know exactly what happed yet;
  • . Officers said that there were numerous castles and walls scattered near the South of Kantan, and Riboku presumably connected many of them;
  • . They added that there will be no problem as long as they can bypass it;
  • Kaioku said that if the problem could have been answered by bypassing it, also General Ousen would n’t have gone out of his way to shoot a raspberry, there must be commodity passing over there;
  • . Ei Sei asked Shouheikun if that’s all;
  • Shouheikun replied that there’s further They should see this as a good occasion, and they should attack Gi’an and close up the North;
  • . Sei allowed about it for a alternate and asked if he does mean to exclude the escape route of Zhao’s royal family;
  • Shouheikun agreed with him and said that indeed if they were to compass Kantan and take over, their royal palace presumably have secret underground passage and including Zhao’s king, royal family will escape from thecastle.However, it would n’t count if they were to advertise that they defeated Zhao, since they will simply advertise that wherever their royal family is where Zhao is at and will continue to fight back;
  • , If that were tohappen.Shoubunkun said that it’ll each be over if they were to get lucky and capture the Zhao king, but if he was to run down, also remnants of their dogfaces will group up and continue to fight back;
  • . Shouheikun said that it’ll be more worrisome if they were to run down to a land that’s easy for them to revive, and that might beget the war to draw out longer;
  • . Shoubunkun wondered if that’s the North and Shouheikun replied with a yea;
  • Shoubunkun asked for a chart of northern part of Zhao;
  • Officers said that it feels like it’s been a while since they’ve looked at castles on the north part of Zhao, and that Gi’an is so far up north that it ca n’t be considered part of their land;
  • . Ei Sei said that they need to suppose it’s their final destination;
  • Shouheikun agreed and said that it’ll be bothersome to the west of northern part of Zhao is Ganmon, where Riboku used to rule;
  • . The discussion continued in Ei Sei’s Court about the war;
  • Shouheikun said that they need to target Gi’an;
  • Sei ordered Shouheikun to start formulating plans for attacking Gi’an;
  • In Bujou Castle, a discussion between Sou’ou and Shi Ryou was taking place;
  • .Bujou got taken over and 1000 unit commander is still alive after taking numerous arrows and other dogfaces wonder how he’s still alive;
  • In Heiyou castle, Kanki was suitable to take over Heiyou castle after 10 days. The reason it took 10 further days than Bujou castle was due to Kanki’s butchery of 100k dogfaces;
  • Abomination towards Kanki increased the morale of the dogfaces and the fear that they will also suffer the same fate if they were to lose, they fought all the way to the end;
  • . The dogfaces and civilians who were captured were shivering in fears;
  • Kanki let Hi Shin army take care of the captured dogfaces and civilians, while they concentrated on stealing and lodging from the castle;
  • . Thus, there was no detriment done on Heiyou castle people;
  • . Kanki and Ousen army who took Bujou and Heiyou castles concentrated on recovering their force inside the castles;
  • After after 2 months, Chief of Military Affairs Shouheikun made an order;
  • . That order was for Ousen and Kanki army to bypass the Great Wall and go north to take Atsuyo and also head north again;
  • Also, Qin’s force in the north and the east will combine to make a large army and go to Zhao’s northern part to attack Gi’an and this was the ultimate strategy;
  • . Kingdom Chapter 703 ends.
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