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Spoiler One Piece 1035 Raw Scans And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Zoro and King’s fight continues in One Piece 1035 with some new information about King and the Lunarian Race. Also, What happed in Sanji vs Queen’s battle? Read till the end to find out.

The last One Piece chapter substantially contained the fight between Sanji and Queen. We got to know that the Geisha Sanji attacked, her name is‘Osome’and She was looking for her pet mouse named‘Chuji’.
On the other side, Momonosuke seized the honey shadows created by Kaido and pulled them. Queen now can use all the attacks used by Germa 66 members. She can indeed use Sanji’s invisibility. Sanji replied to this invisibility power with his high speed.

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Osome entered the battleground chancing Chuji. She’s Queen’s favourite Geisha after Hiyori failed but she declined Queen’s offer everytime she tried to hire her. Queen attacked Osome, Sanji creates a huge fire the attack is called‘ Demon Wind’and after that Sanji attacked Queen with‘Beef Burst’.

One Piece 1035 release Date

One Piece 1035 will be officially released on 19th December 2021 by Viz Media and Mangaplus’s website and app. You can read the spoilers and watch the reviews in the separate sections below.
One Piece 1035 release Date 19th December 2021
One Piece 1035 raw reviews and spoilers release 15th December 2021

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One Piece 1035 Raw Reviews and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1035 Raw Reviews and Leaks are out. This week’s delineation shows the face of King. Check out the image below in the mentioned tweet.

One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title –‘Zoro vs King’
  • Queen has been defeated all thanks to Sanji’s last attack.
  • Zoro finds out that if the honey on King’s back disappears, he moves much briskly.
  • But with increased speed, his defense decreases.
  • King’s face is revealed in this chapter.
  • Characteristics of Lunarian Race – Black bodies, White hair, and Brown Skin.
  • Someone who informs about Lunarians to the government will get 100 Million berries.
  • We see a flashback scene at a government exploration installation where Kaido and King meet.
  • King’s real name is Albert (not sure).
  • The battle between Zoro and King is still going on.
  • King uses an attack called‘Omori Karyudon’on Zoro.
  • Zoro attacks King with‘Dragon King of the three dears’.
  • Chapter ends.
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