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Spoiler Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, RAW scans And release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Granolah is feeling really important after eating the Senzu Bean in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 and he’ll be fighting Gas in the forthcoming chapter. Read the composition till the end for further information.

In the last chapter, we saw that Macki and Oil were agitating conditions. Everything looked normal as fight between Saiyans and Granolah was over. Macki told Elec that some Namekian stopped this fight and that Namekian must be Monaito.
Gas said that if they’re planning to attack, this is the prefect time as they’re weak now and we saw Gas and others heading out for the battle. On the other side, Granolah was shocked upon knowing the verity and asked Monaito why he hid the verity.

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Monaito replies that this was the only way to keep him alive. Vegeta asked about Bardock vs Gas fight and asked about the winner. Monaito said that Bardock won the fight against Gas. Also the atmosphere changed suddenly and we saw a want filling dragon summoned byElec. Goku was fighting against Gas.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is set to be released on 20th December 2021 in the Yearly magazine V-Jump by Shueisha Japan with Boruto Chapter 65. Raw Drafts and spoilers have been released for DBS 79, you can check and read them below.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date 20th December 2021
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Raw Reviews 15th December 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Raw Reviews/ Drafts

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Raw Reviews or Drafts of the first seven runners has been released, further reviews will be released latterly. You can see these drafts as we’re attaching some tweets that contain the raw drafts.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title –‘ Gas vs Granolah’
  • The chapter starts with Elec saying that Gas has come the strongest legionnaire in the macrocosm.
  • And tells his inferiors to get him down from the battleground.
  • Maki asks Monaito asks about Vegeta’s position.
  • He replies that he doesn’t know.
  • Maki asks Canvas to beat Monaito.
  • Granolah eats Senzu bean and is surprised by the results.
  • Vegeta tells him to make good use of the resource.
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  • Granolah transports where Canvas and Maki are and pushes them without indeed touching them.
  • On the other side, Goku is still fighting against Gas.
  • Gas is confused about the rejuvenescence of energy.
  • Monaito takes Oatmeal to Granolah and asks him to noway take it off.
  • Granolah apologizes and says his support is still important to him.
  • Also Granolah powers over and Gas and Nido are shocked.

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