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Read Nano Machine Chapter 126, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Nano Machine Chapter 126, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release, Cheon Yeon Woo has now unified the remaining forces in the clan to support him. The Lord is presumably in his last moments as the leader. Nano Machine Chapter 126 continues with the clash between Yeon Woo and the current Lord.

Elder Huan was girdled in his fight and study of ending his life by fighting for Cheon Yeon Woo. He was surprised by the unforeseen hindrance from Blade and Lust clan in the fight.
On the other hand, Cheon Yeon Woo has brazened the Lord now. Enraged with his conduct, the Lord is can use anything to bring down Yeon Woo.

He’s in unbelief because Yeon Woo had cooked such an elaborate plan in such a short time. The Lord’s plan is a total failure.
Cheon Yeon Woo’s other abettors dropped in the fight to defy Lord. Now, utmost of the members of the Lord’s palace are in support of Yeon Woo in this battle.

Yeon Woo is in this conflict to get the title of Leader. He has allowed
this to be the perfect time to mutiny against the Lord before the troubles roll in. There’s the news of a Nano Machine anime getting blazoned soon as well.

nano machine spoiler

Nano Machine Chapter 126 Raw Release Date

Yeon Woo is gradationally revealing his plan in the Lord’s scheme. What differently is left to reveal in this whole ploy?

Nano Machine 126 raw reviews will be released on Tuesday, October 11, 2022. The sanctioned reviews will be released on its sanctioned platform, Naver.

English scanlations of Nano Machine Chapter 126 will be released on Thursday, October 13, 2022, two days after its sanctioned release.

Will the Lord fluently give up on this fight without any vengeance? The Lord is greedy for power going so far as to plan for other clans to attack his own members.

Yeon Woo’s Six Blade leaders are still out there to help other clans in the fight under direct orders of the Lord, are they safe too?

Eleceed Chapter 215 will also be published this week for suckers to read, do check it when out!

Nano Machine 126 Spoiler Leaks

Elder Huan’s Fight
Elder Huan was still fighting with the members of the Dark Sword clan after they converted with the Blood Reversal fashion. Although he’s well- trained, the super boost due to that technology was too important to handle.
Elder Huan was trying to protract the fight by running down and chancing openings to deal with them. In the end, Elder Huan reached a dead end when he faced the Blade Clan and the Lust Clan.

nano machine 126

After meeting them, Elder Huan apologized for his weakness as he can no longer continue. But he gained a spurt of energy for his last moments, to save the clan members by facing the Dark Sword clan head- on.
Just when Elder Huan accumulated all his energy to face and kill as numerous adversaries as possible, the Blade and Lust Clan members stepped in to help him take over the Dark Sword Clan.

Elder Huan does n’t feel to know what’s going on then. Nano Machine Chapter 126 will continue with the clash between the Dark Sword clan and other fighters until the bones
using the fashion are suppressed.
Cheon Yeon Woo vs The Lord
Cheon Yeon Woon had arrived in the palace with two motives – to remove the allegations against him and to take the position of the Sect Leader from the Lord.

The Lord loves his position and is greedy for further. With this direct protestation, the Lord ordered all the serpents to take care of Yeon Woo and his companions.

The top- ranking leaders stepped in to cover Cheon Yeo Woon. This meant that his bit had further power than the Sect Leader now.

It was shocking for the Blade Clan and Lust Clan Leaders to change their sides suddenly. The Lord along with his security was confused.

Cheon Yeo Woon had gathered forces to support his ascent intimately as the Lord was supervising all of his movements for a long time.

Will Cheon Yeo Woon be suitable to deal with the last blow and gain the position of the Leader in Nano Machine Chapter 126?

Blade Clan’s Forces
The Palace of the Blade Clan is located southeast of the Heavenly Demon Castle. The clan has a good defense system as a voice signal from the Elder made half of the soldiers post themselves in position.
The Blade Clan controls the eastern side of the side’s Guangroj District. Yeon Woo approached him with the intention that the Blade Clan could help Elder Huan by transferring forces.

Yeon Woo prepared a meeting with the Elder to make them know about the Lord’s conduct. Others who were on the neutral side had been suspicious with time due to the Lord’s conduct but due to not having enough substantiation no bone
gave it a study.
Blade Clan Elder wanted to test Yeon Woo and he passed nearly each with great prospects. He realized why the Lord wanted to insulate and strike him as he’s the topmost strength in the cult.

But indeed with similar concrete evidence of Yeon Woo’s greatness, the Elder did n’t want to raise an gratuitous conflict for the future of the side.
Cheon Yeon Woo used his ultimate armament The Black Sword, Heavenly Sword to bring him into submission. As the Great Guardian had told before, the Lord carried a fake one so just the sight of the brand was enough to reveal his motive.

Nano Machine 126 will get deeper to show the schemes of the Lord. Yeon Woo will surely be suitable to repel all of them, but it’s just a matter of how.

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