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Read The Beginning After The End Chapter 163, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read The Beginning After The End Chapter 163, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Arthur’s training is going on well under Wren’s guidance. Wren is a competent master who knows the know- style about battles. What new rudiments in Arthur’s training will be involved in The morning After The End Chapter 163?

After Wren told Arthur the full details about his brand, Arthur was a bit taken suddenly. Wren was going to destroy the brand but Windsom stepped in to stop it.
Windsom holds a lower position in the Asura clan but he’s still seen to hold numerous connections. Also, Lord Indrath, is using everything in his power to make Arthur stronger.

Wren took down Arthur’s dragon feather and Arthur hesitantly handed that to him. Will Wren make a new armament with its help?
Arthur is being trained till he’s about to fall by pushing his limits. How important will Arthur ameliorate with these training sessions?

Wren’s intention is still not known and his training session doesn’t feel to have a thing. How long will Arthur’s third training last, all will be revealed in TBATE 163.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 RAW Release Date

Arthur is getting complete at using the Realmheart and he can hold it longer in battle as seen in trial battles. What are the other benefits of using Realmheart?

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As there’s no news about the hiatus or break, The Beginning After The End 163 raw reviews will be released on Friday, October 7, 2022, on its sanctioned platform, Kakao Corp, the same day as My Hero Academia 369.

Addict scanlations will release the English reviews of The morning After The End Chapter 163 within 7- 8 hours of its sanctioned release. Official English restatements are streamlined on Tapas Media sanctioned daily on Sundays.

Lord Indrath has still not shown Sylvie and Wren has taken Arthur’s dragon feather, what are the Asuras planning to do?

Arthur’s Sword Details
As Wren said preliminarily to Arthur, his brand was made by him. Still, it’s too important of a coexistence for a brand made by Asura to end up with a mortal.
As Wren states in his records, the brand was made to fit all. That’s the reason he discarded it because it was a failure. He seems to believe that one brand does n’t fit all.

So he tossed it down in the beast clearings of Dicathen during one of his visits to gather minerals times agone
. He allowed
that no one could fete it as a brand and it would be treated as a club.
Wren was surprised at the probability of chances that the brand he supposed as a failure ended up with Arthur or that someone understood its value to keep it safe.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 Spoiler Leaks

Arthur’s Training Challenge
Windsom had decided to make Wren train Arthur due to two reasons. One of them is because Wren has some extraordinary sapience about practical combat and the other is to make Wren make a brand for Arthur.

Wren agreed to the training because he owed some favor to Lord Indrath. Hence he has to make Wren impressed enough to make a brand for him. Will Wren decide to forge a brand for Arthur at The morning After The End Chapter 163?

the beginning after the end spoiler

Wren made a brand for Arthur to train. He made a brand using measures he took for Arthur grounded on his movements and impact. He also asked Arthur to hand over his dragon feather.

After asking Arthur to rest, Wren and Windsom went down using a gate. Arthur was resting on the ground when he was woken up by a sudden grumble. Wren had summoned golems again to train Arthur.

Wren is training Arthur to fight under sour conditions in the war. This time he made some abettors as well and how to fight in groups.

Although it was done in quite a hassle, Arthur’s results were n’t enough to satisfy Wren. When asked. Arthur replied that he does n’t watch about the unattractive- looking golems.

A New Challenge?
Wren had inferred practical knowledge in battle training to save further abettors and kill further adversaries. Arthur let his abettors die because he has no empathy for gravestone hoods.

Wren allowed
about Arthur’s reply for a bit and replied that he ’ll flash back his words. also he handed Arthur some food and told him to rest. Arthur passed out incontinently due to fatigue.
The coming scene changes to Arthur facing an adversary who has Tess held interned in his arms. Is this another challenge for Wren to watch about his abettors ?


Tess being in peril can be one of Arthur’s lucid dreams, Wren’s mind control, or Arthur’s subconscious worries. What will be revealed in TBATE Chapter 163?
In all, it can feel veritably well that Tess seems to be Arthur’s weakness. In the forthcoming ruthless war, having a weakness may feel to be deadly for Arthur. What will Arthur decide in The morning After The End Chapter 163?