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Read Lookism Chapter 417, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Lookism Chapter 417, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, The Workers vs Big Deal war bow just got more intriguing than it was ahead. We can surely look forward to further details getting revealed in Lookism Chapter 417.

Indeed though the Workers overpower Big Deal, it was surprising to see Big Deal hold out for so long. This is all a result of Jake’s awful leadership and trust in his companions.

Jake is a resourceful leader and does n’t waver from going that redundant afar which is shown formerly again. He’d made quite a many medications before jumping into the war.

Eugene still moves around with his overbold air not knowing what’s about to come next for him. Does he have some plan to be so calm about the forthcoming peril?

While the scenes substantially cover utmost of the fronts, nothing is known about Ryuhei or Magami. How are they going about in this fight?

The addition of Samuel into the plan made effects intriguing as it was noway anticipated. Though, effects do fall short in the face of ambition and aiming advanced.

Unexpectedly, Johan was also included in the plan which made matters turn for the better. With this, will the war really end? Also, the Lookism Anime will be raising soon on Netflix.

Lookism Chapter 417 RAW Release Date

Are there further people involved in Jake’s plan to make effects be so easily?

So far, everything has been passing just according to Jake’s plan as it was revealed. Surely, it does feel too easy to be in a war against Eugene.

What are your studies about it?

Lookism Chapter 417 Korean reviews will be released on Thursday, October 6, 2022. Addict scanlations will release Lookism Chapter 417 within a day after its release, which is by Friday.

The recent chapter has completely blown our minds with the developments. There will surely be more surprises in store till the end of this war bow.

Nano Machine Chapter 125 and Secret Class Chapter 147 are going to be published soon, do check them out!

lookism spoiler

Lookism 417 Spoiler Leaks

Johan has captured Eugene and with no fighters alongside him to help, he can be anticipated to be brought over to Charles Choi.

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The Big Deal Street is managing itself by holding off Workers. Magami and Ryuhei are n’t down yet so they can really beget damage if they wanted to.

Jerry had smashed Mandeok in the ground. But did he go down with just one megahit? Eugene would n’t choose a fighter who would get defeated so fluently.

Jake was made apprehensive of Eugene’s prisoner. As his plan worked, can he get out of the structure safely while escaping from Xiao Lung and Yoo Sung?

Till now, Charles Choi has shown no involvement in this fight. What help did he really promise to Jake?

Lookism Chapter 417 is being largely demanded by compendiums due to the recent chapter ending in a thriller. The plan will continue until Charles Choi is getting involved in this whole fight.

Eugene’s Escape
As seen, Eugene does n’t know how to fight. He can use his brain and come the architect of the whole association.

Hence he’d planned that while the Workers are busy with Big Deal, he needs to be in a safe place. Being in an unknown position would avoid his prisoner.

Workers are further of an association than a gang. They’ve a lot of plutocrat as they run several business under their heads. Eugene is also rich to enjoy a private manor.

Read Lookism Chapter 417, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 1

He’d gone to his private manor, a place where he constantly goes to take breaks. He plans to stay there till the fight is over since Jake is fraudulent on landing Eugene.

He’ll fluently spend his time in this unknown position and when the fire is over, he’ll appear again to take charge since according to him, he has formerly put his plan in stir.

Mandeok’s Fight
Eugene had transferred Mandeok to take over the situation in Big Deal Street. Mandeok is trusted and yields brute strength to manage any uncertain conditions.

As Kyung Heon was smashed to the ground by Mandeok, Brad Lee came in to defend him. Brad realizes that Mandeok is n’t his fit opponent but he needs to step in this time.

preliminarily, Jake had asked Brad to take care of Big Deal as everyone in their group favors him hence he’d be perfect in case Jake is absent. Brad, understanding his duty stepped in to cube time.

Mandeok will rage once he enters the road and faces opponents. thus to cover the others, he needs to hold Mandeok as releasing him would be a disaster.

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But in the end, Brad falls to the ground indeed after all his attempts to stop Mandeok.

Jerry is formerly maddened and has reached where Mandeok is. Watching Brad being hit to the ground, made him crazy and he hit Mandeok in the face.

Mandeok takes the megahit and falls to the ground at a distance. Did Jerry win in this fight against Madeok? Results will be shown in Lookism Chapter 417

Unidentified frequenter Revealed
As seen ahead, Jake jumped in to fight Eugene but was tricked by Yoo Sung. Before starting his fight with Xiao Lung and Yoo Sung, he stopped to call someone who was shown to hold power.
The unidentified frequenter is eventually revealed and it’s none other than, Samuel Seo. He was on a call with Jake the whole time and was knowing the situation with him in the office.

Jake’s call before the fight was to make Samuel known about what’s passing in the office and the plan was noway for Jake to win against them.

Behind all the recent events passing in this fight, Samuel was handling effects to make sure everything goes by their plan.

Samuel Seo and Jake Kim The Connection
Samuel is the CEO of the 4th and 5th Affiliate of Workers which shows that he holds enough power in the association.

Samuel originates from Big Deal. Jake and Samuel have been musketeers for utmost of the time which made them suitable to understand each other. He knows how to instigate Samuel and give him conditions.

Jake made a plan to include Samuel in his plan to take over Workers. He told Samuel about his setting with Charles Choi to dispose of Eugene if he’s caught.

Samuel agreed to help in landing Eugene and Jake promised to give over Workers to Samuel as it’ll be leaderless after Eugene is gone.

Samuel and Jake have formed a pact to take over Workers for their own motives. Lookism Chapter 417 will continue to show further about their conditions and how they both handle them.

Samuel’s Plan
Eugene does n’t know how to fight therefore he always goes around with four people by his side – Xiao Lung, Mandeok Bang, Samuel Seo, and the VVIP, Yoo Sung.

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With all these outstanding fighters around him, it’s insolvable for any adversary to break through this guard of defense.

Samuel plans to put this into use. He tips Eugene about the meeting between Jake and Charles and their plan to capture Eugene. This starts to flow the plan into their hands.

Eugene shops Yoo Sung and Xiao Lung in his office. As this information was true, Eugene’s trust in Samuel would increase and he’d believe more in his words.

Next, Samuel converted Eugene to shoot Mandeok in the Big Deal Street as this would help to break the war briskly. With this, three people guarding Eugene is busy in commodity differently.

Samuel is the only one left to cover Eugene which makes Eugene hand him over the ultimate armament of trust. Samuel would n’t cover Eugene and this leaves him helpless to capture Eugene to put an end to the fight.

So far, Samuel’s plan has come a success. Did Eugene ever sense this coming?

Eugene’s prisoner isn’t over until he’s handed over to Charles Choi. We can look forward to Lookism Chapter 417 if there are still further twists to reveal themselves.

Johan’s Involvement
Jake is busy fighting Xiao Lung and Yoo Sung to keep them busy in their place while Samuel had made the plan to completely insulate Eugene.

No bone
could have guessed that there’s another person involved in this war. Jake had asked for the help of Johan in this fight.

Luah Lim had been following Johan since the war was declared. They met for a brief moment and Johan was impressed by Luah.

Read Lookism Chapter 417, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 2

Johan was invited by Luah to have a talk with Jake as Workers are their common adversaries and they can join hands in this war.

Johan is the leader of one of the Big 4 Crews, The God Dog Crew. He has great fighting capacities and it was what Jake demanded to duly handle Eugene and capture him.

Samuel who came to know about Eugene’s secret position of the manor intimately put Johan outside. Once he was in, there was no escape out other than Johan landing Eugene.

Eugene says “ You got me ” but it does feel suspicious as he says it with a smiling face. Lookism Chapter 417 will reveal a many answers about working behind the scenes.

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