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Read Eleceed Chapter 214, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Eleceed Chapter 214, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, The last chapter was entered with significant hype due to its showdown between the important awakened. Eleceed Chapter 214 will show whether Kayden and Andrei will continue with the fight.

It’s always whim-whams- wracking to read whenever Kayden starts going into action and surely it did n’t lose our prospects this time.
Kartein’s capacities were only known for mending but it was given a new direction with the recent chapter. Kartein has developed his chops in other areas than fighting to hold his place as an independent awakened.

Andrei surely has some chops as he has been suitable to hold against Kayden but still got damaged with a small quantum of Kayden’s power. Is this the extent of Andrei’s capacities?
The scholars are safe now for being under the protection and the professors are also helping out to keep them safe. The condition of the injured scholars will be taken care of by Kartein latterly, so it’s not a metter to worry about.

The compendiums had awaited for a suitable opponent of Kayden but it has sounded to fail as the fight was stopped in the middle.
Eleceed 214 will come out with the final outgrowth if the dogfight will go all the way till it’s left in the middle. We’re also hearing news of an Eleceed Anime getting blazoned soon.

Eleceed Chapter 214 RAW Release Date

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The Academy surely isn’t a good place to hold a dogfight between the most important beings of the macrocosm. Will theyre-schedule the fight for latterly as effects have come to a viewpoint?

Eleceed 214 raw reviews in Korean will be released on Tuesday, October 4, 2022. There has been no news of hiatus or breaks so it maintains its daily schedule of releasing on Tuesdays.

Addict scanlations are generally released after a many hours of the sanctioned release due to scanlation groups working on restatement and cleaning. Eleceed Chapter 214 English reviews are available to read by Wednesday.

The sanctioned English reviews are released on the sanctioned Webtoon app as well but it generally maintains a gap of 5 chapters from the rearmost released chapter. Hence, the streamlined Eleceed chapter is only available from addict scanlation groups.

The thriller from the recent chapter has again put the compendiums in a spot where no bone
knows what will be next. Eleceed Chapter 214 will surely break our curiosity.

Eleceed 214 Predictions And Spoiler

Though the fight is the main content ongoing for the current chapters, it has also brought some changes in the world of awakened. The scholars and preceptors of the Academy have come together to support each other which noway happens.
The fight made a positive change for the recently awakened who are yet to step into the world. Eleceed 214 raw reviews will surely bring a many further changes in their mindset.

eleceed 214 spoiler

Kartein’s capacities
Kartein had dropped into the arena along with Kayden. Since he’s also an independent awakened, it does n’t raise important concern but surely two important awakened being together made everyone curious.

The power of top ten awakened is believed to be on the disastrous position and since it’ll be in the Academy, it’ll beget huge damage and also be a peril for the scholars.

Kayden confidently asked Kartein to use his capacities to cover everyone. Kartein is the stylish healer in the world but also has great protective capacities.

Kartein hesitantly approves of Kayden’s request thinking of the safety of scholars but also due to his huge pride coming in between.

Kayden drops another statement by telling Kartein to make a hedge which makes Kartein bothered. still, he goes ahead to make a important hedge as well.

Kartein broke the former space separation put on by Frame as it was insignificant and replaced it with his and also made it wider to give space for the fight.

Everyone in the arena was in admiration of his capacities and his emergence of power looked beautiful, his capacities unmask out the fineness that Kartein carries himself with.

The fight between Kayden and Andrei was plying important pressure on Kartein who had to maintain the space separation along with defending the scholars. Still, he pulled it off astonishingly.

While others too helped Kartein to maintain the hedge, nothing has the power to completely keep them safe. Can Kartein still hold on to his power if the fight continues in Eleceed Chapter 414?

Kayden vs Andrei The Fight
Kayden is crazy about fighting and he does n’t want to fight the top ten to prove his strength but because he feels that the fight is worth it.
Surely it surprised others present who are just people greedy for further power and wins in their fights. Kayden follows an ideal that’s different than the rest which makes him misknew by others.


After Kartein puts up the hedge, Kayden was looking around the check its continuity and strength but Andrei seems to have no quality as top ten as he attacks as soon as the hedge is made.
Andrei sounded happy to land the first megahit but it takes further to master Kayden. Kayden revolted back with his electric attack.

His attack is veritably important as it had damaged Andrei. No bone
anticipated his attacks to have such a damage position.
Kayden was having fun using his powers against someone strong but after swapping a many blows, Andrei asks to stop the fight.

Was it because Andrei was spooked of Kayden or commodity that he’s hiding?
Kayden was visibly maddened with this statement as he respects the fight and goes all the way to the end until one remains standing.