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Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 101, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 101, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Greedy Registration Chapter 101 will include Ijin spending time or planning commodity with his old comrades, 006 and 032. We eventually get the scenes we awaited for so long – Ijin timber plans with his old teammates.

effects may look good for Ijin now but Shin Jeongho formerly has another plan ready after the last plan was a failure.
Shin Jeongho being intolerant to take over SW had asked Iron to speed effects up but due to him lagging before, he’s reaching another person. Who might this person be?

Shin Jiyeh is still not off the assassination list and pitfalls may continue coming to her. effects are starting to get hotted
up as all plans are coming to a fail.

Mercenary Enrollment Raw Spoiler

Ijin had no time to rest since he started to keep in check the assassination advances on Shin Jiyeh, so he’s reminded again to live as a high academy sprat by the Lieutenant.

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Although it’s good to see Ijin having a nice time with his old musketeers, how can he keep all troubles down from people he cares about?

Mercenary Enrollment 100 English Recap

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 101 Release Date

Ijin had preliminarily transferred 006 to where 032 was hiding. latterly he also handed over his phone, the only means of contact that he’d with them to 005 who was leaving.
It was completely a bad idea for them to get disconnected from Ijin as they couldn’t shoot dispatches incontinently if commodity fatal was to be. Hence, they make a plan to all meet together and bandy their coming course of action.

greedy Registration Chapter 101 raw reviews will be released on Sunday, September 11, 2022, on Naver.
Addict scanlations of the chapter will be available around a many hours after its sanctioned release. We recommend reading the sanctioned chapter when out.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 366 and Eleceed Chapter 210 will be out veritably soon for everyone to read.
Shin Jeongho’s motive
Shin Jeongho has been keen on taking over SW. He has the coming plan in his mind and his clerk has formerly prepared for the person who can accept their request.

Shin Jiyeh, supposedly, has been ignoring Shin Jeongho’s warnings and didn’t fall into his schemes. She indeed made her presence in the company which unsettled Shin Jeongho.

He plans on disposing of Shin Jiyeh by his own plan and also taking over the vacant place left before by her.

Mercenary Enrollment 101 Spoiler Leaks

Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 101, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 1

Shin Jiyeh’s safety
The Lieutenant has been staying beside Shin Jiyeh the whole time since the trouble was assessed on her.

For her safety, Ijin had planned to keep the assassination attempt a secret from her. It’s a good plan to keep Shin Jiyeh from fussing over effects other than matters related to the company.
SW family has been always under implicit pitfalls and hijacking . Yuna and Director were both abducted lately, but it all falls minor to a direct assassination attempt.

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It was all thanks to Ijin that Shin Jiyeh was safe as he could figure out the attempt in advance additional effects could ’ve ended relatively poorly.
What happens coming?
Ijin has gone overseas to meet with his old teammates. easily, he was invited on some other motive, as he was shocked to see 032 and 006 out there to admit him.

006 had some news for Ijin as he was looking at Shin Jiyeh’s print, what could it be?

Surely their match- up will be chaotic and delightful to see as they aren’t in the camp presently and we all know how socially awkward they are.

Could Ijin have left people to impend out for his family and musketeers while he’s down?

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