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Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, In the end, a combined effort of Granolah, Vegeta, and Goku was required. Berserk Gas was incredibly strong but in the end, he lost out to the tenacity of the protagonists. We will see his fate in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87.

Hopefully, he is not dead.

The latest volume, that is, Dragon Ball Super Volume 19 comes out today! It is the official Japanese volume and we are sure that thousands of fans are waiting to get their hands on this.

Once the English version comes, we too will get a copy.

Dragon Ball Heroes is getting a lot of clout lately. We urge you to go and check it out. Additionally, Dragon Quest X is getting a new fan book, to commemorate the achievements of the legendary Akira Toriyama.

Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 1

It seems like the Granolah arc is about to end. We believe, Dragon Ball Super 87 raw scans will be the epilogue of the arc and will tie it properly.

With a satisfying end, we will happily move on to the next adventure that Goku will embark on. His quest to be the strongest is far from over.

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Dragon Ball Super 87 Release Date

As of now, the dates seem fairly clear to us. The raw scans of Dragon Ball Super manga 87 should be out around 15th August 2022. From here, the raws will be extracted and leaked out.

The fans do not really translate this series. It is hard to come across official fan scans and we don’t expect any for this chapter either. Plus, it’s a good thing.

What we are waiting for, is the official English scans of Dragon Ball Super 87.

Scheduled to be released on August 20, 2022, they can be found on the Viz Media website, Mangaplus site, and the Shonen Jump app. Remember, all 3 of these sources are free and legal.

Boruto Chapter 72 and Vinland Saga Chapter 196 will also be published around the same time and are a good read.

Dragon Ball Super 87 Spoilers

We are yet to receive the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 87. Worry not, right now we are extremely close to getting to previews that are released officially.

On the website of the series, they will release the first couple of pages within the next week.

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Dragon Ball Super 87 spoilers should be out in detail by 15th August 2022. We are patiently waiting for them. As soon as we find the leaks, we will post them in this section for you to enjoy.

Hence, keep an eye on our website.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 87 English Leaks

Giant Goku was a sight to behold. He used Ki to form a huge projection of himself and held Gas in position, while Granolah was preparing the shot.

It was an impressive move and we wish to learn more about it in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 English spoilers.

What happened to Goku?
Goku’s new form was certainly impressive. Using his emotions, he was fighting quite well. However, berserk Gas was too much. Using his energy in impressive ways, he completely dominated Goku.

We saw him overpower and beat Goku with an inch of his life.

dragon ball suuper

Goku did get some chances to hit but it turned ineffective against this guy. In the end, Gas was about to finish off Goku. That is when Granolah interfered.

Dragon Ball Super 87 raw scans will show the effects of the Gas fighting so hard.

What was going on inside Gas?
In his berserk form, Gas’ power increased exponentially. While this allowed him to win the fight, his body was constantly getting degraded.

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We saw that his power and body went out of sync, aging him faster and somewhat reducing his durability.

Elec chose to ignore this and focus on the fact that Gas was winning, it was obviously coming with a steep cost. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 spoilers, we will see the condition of the fallen warrior.

The last panel showed that his state is definitely not ok.

What was Granolah’s plan?
After regaining consciousness, Granolah chose to work with the Saiyans. He gave up on his grudge and decided to simply defeat the foe in front of him. He asked Goku to keep Gas busy so that he can charge up a lot of energy.

Goku tried his best and held off Gas. In the end, even Vegeta managed to step in momentarily to hold him. It was problematic but they succeeded.

Lastly, Goku used his energy form to throw Gas in the air and Granolah pierced him with the shot.

This was a shot with enough energy to destroy planet Cereal. However, it was shot in the air, leaving the planet unharmed. The weakened Gas failed to tank it.

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