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Read One Piece 1057 Spoiler Prediction, Yamato Join SHP

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read One Piece 1057 Spoiler Prediction, Yamato Join SHP, With the break heading towards us at full speed, it was so characteristic of Oda sensei to give us a huge thriller. We suckers are always hoping to see the coming Strawhat in the form of Yamato. The addition of these new characters has always been fun for us.

One Piece 1057 might just give us the coming strawhat.
For the longest time, suckers were under the print that Carrot would come a Strawhat member. And there was a reason they claimed it. The mink constantly appeared in all of the Strawhat group shots.

It sounded that Oda sensei was sluggishly pushing her towards the crew, getting us suckers oriented to her fun and audacious personality.
Still, with Carrot getting the new leader of the Minks, it’s verified that she wo n’t be a Mugiwara.

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rather, we’ve Yamato. Actually speaking, the maturity of the suckers prefer Yamato over Carrot. The curiosity, the backstory, and the connection to Ace – Yamato is simply a much more instigative character.
Not to mention that there’s so important to explore about her. perhaps we will indeed get the bounties of strawhats.

One Piece 1057 Spoiler Predictions

When will Yamato join the Strawhats?
Indeed now, we see that Yamato has not joined. In the rearmost chapter, she stands atop the castle. Meanwhile, Luffy has formerly decided to leave and the Thousand Sunny will be down from Wano veritably soon.

Luffy didn’t say farewell to Momo and Kinemon. That’s presumably because he considers them his crewmates, just like Vivi. What we want to see is, does he consider Yamato as a crewmate? The fact that he has a surname for her is a good sign however.

Yamato wanted to join Ace and that dream got crushed. And now, that chance is back formerly more in the form of Ace’s youngish family. also, with Kaido removed from the picture, Yamato has nothing to hold her back.

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It’s eventually time for Kaido’s son to spread his bodies. In One Piece 1057, we anticipate a change. With her strong resoluteness to live like Oden, Yamato will presumably run toward them at full speed and board the boat. And with that, the Strawhats will move on to the coming islet.

Does Yamato Joining Make Sense?

Read One Piece 1057 Spoiler Prediction, Yamato Join SHP 1

Every time a straw chapeau joined the crew, there was a reason behind it. Let us take a look. Zoro was the first mate – reverse also Luffy wanted someone he liked to join him. also came Nami, whose navigation chops were inestimable.

Following that, there was Usopp who helped them in the Kurahadol conspiracy. And also Sanji came to fill the chef gap, while Chopper joined as the croaker
. We saw Robin join and develop a huge attachment to them.
Franky filled the gap of the shipwright. Brook came as the long- awaited musician of the crew. And also, Jinbe, the bone
who saved Luffy, joined the crew, and everyone loved it. Eventually, we’ve Yamato. The crew doesn’t really need her to fill some vacant positions.

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Yamato is demanded in the crew due to her emotional attachment, and her ambition. She wanted to be free from Kaido and she got it. Luffy knows that she’s great and reliable. And also there’s her pledge to Ace.
So yes, Yamato joining makes perfect sense. And it was Luffy himself, who said that he wants at least 10 members in his crew. Guess what, Yamato will be the 10th member of the crew and we love it. Hopefully, One Piece 1057 will be the sanctioned chapter where she becomes a Strawhat.

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