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Read One Punch Man Chapter 169, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read One Punch Man Chapter 169, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Saitama sneezed the Jupiter down, defeated Garou, and learned the ways to travel back in time to finish the fight. supposedly, he finished the fight in zero punches. All of this happed in the span of one crazy chapter. suckers earn the peace of mind that One Punch Man Chapter 169 will bring.

After a huge run of further than 90 chapters, this has been the biggest bow of the series so far. Hard to believe that it started back on July 20, 2017. Exactly 5 times for one amazing bow. We ca n’t deny that we’ve loved it.
Murata took ONE’s webtoon and completely dilate it out. Huge changes were made and so numerous expositions were done. Coupled with that killer artwork, it’s easy to declare that the manga has surely surpassed the source material.

But if another Studio picks it up and does a decent job, the power of the current bow can surely bring this series back to the spotlight.
We’re looking forward to One Punch Man 169. It’ll be the conclusion to this bow and we will see where Garou is left at.

In the source material, Saitama dragged him to the right side and he came a better person. But given the changes in the manga, what will be to Garou?

One Punch Man Chapter 169 RAW Release Date

We anticipate the forthcoming chapter to be released veritably soon in the coming Tonari no Young Jump issue. One Punch Man 169 raw reviews should be available within 4th August 2022.

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Addict reviews arrive veritably snappily for this series. Within August 6, 2022, we believe that the English restatements of the chapter will be out. This is incompletely possible due to the cleanser, noncomplex speech bubbles of the series.

Incipiently, around 10 August 2022, we will get the sanctioned English interpretation of the chapter. It’ll be put up fairly, by Viz, Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen jump app.

These are free sources and we largely recommend reading them then. Also, due to a picking issue, they will be publishing One Punch Man 169 under the name of One Punch Man 167.

One Punch Man 168 Recap

The fight between Saitama and Garou continues on Jupiter’s Io, with Garou being gradually outmatched by the hero. Garou realizes that Saitama is copying his moves on purpose. Saitama mocks him for believing he could copy him as he is serious, and goads him into trying. A frustrated Garou realizes that even while replicating Saitama’s power, his next attack just hits even harder. Knowing that if this keeps up, Saitama will eventually be able to strike him hard enough to kill him, Garou opens a gateway and emerges with a straightforward punch fueled with his anger.

Saitama catches his fist but begins to feel something. With his clothes blown away and exposed to Io’s extremely cold atmosphere, Saitama launches a Serious Sneeze at Garou, who barely manages to move out of the way. The sneeze devastates Io’s surface and travels all the way to Jupiter itself, blowing the giant planet’s gaseous surface apart.

The recoil of the sneeze launches the two out of Io and into interplanetary space. Garou sees the Sun as they travel through space. With it in his vision, Garou tries looking around for the Earth and successfully catches sight of it, putting it in range of teleporting.

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After landing a powerful punch on Saitama that generates a planet-sized explosion, Garou opens a portal to teleport back to Earth, being outside its atmosphere. Without warning, Saitama suddenly appears behind him and commends Garou’s ability to open hyperspace portals, shocking him. Saitama explains to a confused Garou that after developing a stomach ache from the cold, the light from the earlier explosion had caused him to fart, allowing him to reach the hyperspace gate in time.

One Punch Man Manga 169 English Predictions

What numerous of us do n’t realize, is that there are two timelines now. One ca n’t just travel to the history and change the future like that. What happed is that Saitama and Cosmic Garou fought in Jupiter.
This is timeline A. After his palm, Saitama learned Garou’s ways.

This led him to travel back in time and reach the history, where he goes and punches the air out of Garou, which leads to the ultimate losing his powers.
The moment Saitama defeated Garou in the history, we jump to timelineB. It’s safe to say that the rest of the story will take place in this new timeline.

What did Saitama do after getting punched?
A naked Saitama is a dangerous thing. In this chapter, we see that Garou clones him impeccably and lands a lot of blows on him.

still, Saitama fluently tanks those moves and doles out attacks of his own. And Garou is unfit to repel the force of these.

In the end, just with 1 arm, Saitama manages to subdue Garou. It’s true that Garou is continuously perfecting his power but in the end, it’s inadequate. That’s because Saitama is evolving too, just at an exponential rate.

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By the time Garou reaches Saitama’s current position, the ultimate has formerly bettered to a new position. He constantly manages to get stronger and in the end, Saitama’s feelings took him to an entirely different position.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 will show what he chooses to do with his powers.

What was Garou’s plan?
With Saitama reaching a position of power that’s fully out of bounds, Garou realizes that he’ll lose soon.
Followed by our idol destroying Jupiter with a sneeze, Garou gives up on winning this with his fists. rather, he decided to simply win.

Garou punched Saitama into the Sun and left him there. Without the capability of doors, our idol was bound to die there. still, thanks to a fart, Saitama managed to escape through Garou’s own gate.
After that, it didn’t take important to master the antagonist. One Punch Man 169 will show what Garou chooses to do now.

What did Saitama do in the history?
Learning martial trades led to Saitama traveling back in time. He went ahead and punched Garou when he declared that he’s a disaster- position god. A rear in reason led to this palm achieved with zero punches!

The power of unborn Saitama is simply too important for once Garou to handle. He lost the fight. And now, it seems like Saitama has intermingled his newer and aged characters.

One Punch Man 169 will handle this issue of timelines. We’re curious about how it’ll be concluded.

One Punch Man 169 Spoilers Leaks

Read One Punch Man Chapter 169, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 1

We’re a long way from the spoilers. From the aesthetics of it, OPM 169 spoilers will be released eventually around the first week of August 2022. We’ll do our stylish to give the verified spoilers to you.

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