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Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date, Once again stumbled upon someone from his past, Yu Ijin has. It’s 005 from the camp and in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96 we will see her getting rescued by Ijin.

For the longest period of time, people from the camp have been thinking that Yu Ijin killed many of his comrades when he was with the camp, but Ijin revealed that he was not behind any of the killings.

Something fishy is going on at the camp and Mad Dog is behind all of it. No one knows why Mad dog is scheming against his own camp.

Mercenary Enrollment Spoilers

The SW group has been dealing with military stuff and mercenaries for the last few years and even though things became a little bit complicated for them, they somehow managed.

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But the camp is coming after the SW group and Shin Jiyeh because of Young Ho’s orders. What will happen when the higher-ups of the SW group get targeted? Will Yu Ijin be able to save them?

The English chapter is going to be published soon, around the same time as Legend of the northern blade chapter 131.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96 Release Date

Yu Ijin is always surrounded by danger, and since he returned to the city it has always been saving the SW group from outside threats.

This time 005 has found out that 001 is alive and if she decides to relay the information to the camp, Ijin will be in deep trouble. So what will happen next?

The upcoming Mercenary Enrollment 96 raw scans will be the next to be published and it will tell us the early spoilers of the next chapter. The scans are scheduled to be published by Thursday 4th August 2022.

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Secret Class Chapter 139 will also be published on Thursday, so we totally recommend checking it out.

The English chapter will soon follow, 18-24 hours after the scans are leaked. You can read the English scans on Saturday this week.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96 Spoiler Leaks

Yu Ijin And The Camp
The Camp started with 200 or more teenagers who they trained to make mercenaries, but only 50 or so survived. But 005 stated that Ijin killed more than 20 of the mercenaries before leaving the group.

Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 96, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date 1

Ijin made everyone believe that he has died and thus escaped the camp. But if the news of him being alive reaches the camp, Mad dog and the rest of the group will soon swarm the city to hunt him.

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Yu Ijin wants to live a peaceful life with his family away from any kind of violence but for some reason, he is always surrounded by goons and mafia.

This time Young Ho has called the camp himself to get rid of his sister. Shin Jiyeh is being targeted this time and Ijin will surely play a big role in saving her.

The mercenary enrollment chapter 96 will show 005 and Ijin talk about the camp. Mad dog is sure to make an appearance soon and that will be the big fight between him and Yu Ijin.

Fans are very excited to know about Yu Ijin’s past and how ended up at the camp and survived the whole ordeal. The next few chapters are going to be great, so don’t miss it when out. Read Mercenary Enrollment 96

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