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Read Tower Of God Chapter 551, Manga RAW Spoiler Leaks And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Moment is the day of the new chapter and to all the suckers asking when will the palace Of God Chapter 551 get published, sorely the manhwa has gone on an indefinite hiatus due to the author’s bad health.

The last time SIU took a break was in 2020. It has been 2 times since also and SIU has been publishing regular chapters continuous. therefore he surely deserves some break.
The TOG 551 release date and hiatus updates will be participated then regularly, just like we did last time with Chapter 486.

There are indeed rumors about the palace Of God Season 2 release date getting blazoned soon.
Palace Of God is a manhwa with over 500 chapters in total with an cornucopia of characters and complex plots. It’s not easy to keep up with everything that goes on in the manhwa on a regular base.

Author SIU published 65 successive chapters without any breaks, giving us one great chapter after another. therefore it’s a given for him to take a break so that his health does n’t deteriorate.
Indeed though SIU has blazoned an indefinite hiatus, he has kept us streamlined with his Twitter account and blog posts. But now everyone has only one question in their minds.

When Will Tower Of god Hiatus End?

The last time SIU took a break was in 2020 and the break ended for no longer than 6 months, we anticipate the same to be this time as well.

still, this break before Chapter 551 can be as short as 2 months, If we’re to believe the words of some palace Of God addict accounts on Twitter.

To those who do n’t know the reason behind this hiatus, it’s because the author has fallen ill working day and night without any break for the last 2 times. So this is a important- demanded break for him.

With the forthcoming TOG Chapter 551, a new bow will start where Baam will enter the competition where he’ll be fighting strong ladies from the Lo Po Bia family and some nearly combined families.

A many goddesses of Zahard have also shown interest in taking part in the competition, Lilial Zahard being one of them.

Androssi Zahard is also going to meet Baam, she has not shown any interest in joining the competition but there’s a high chance that she’ll ever end up fighting in the competition.

Tower Of god Chapter 551 Release Date

The ongoing hiatus is because of SIU’s bad health. So the hiatus will end formerly he starts feeling well and recovers from the time-long fatigue.

SIU is a veritably devoted and hardworking manhwa artist who loves his work and the suckers involved in the trip. So we all know that he’s trying his stylish to draw indeed while he’s sick to come back with better content.
The ongoing hiatus around TOG 551 won’t last further than 3- 5 months. So we can anticipate the palace Of God Chapter 551 release date to be around December 2022.

The verified date of release will be published on SIU’s functionary blog and the Webtoon website. So stay tuned!

response On Tower of God 551 Hiatus

Tower Of God has a huge audience, with millions of suckers each around the world. Every chapter of the manhwa gets read by hundreds of thousands of suckers and the news of the indefinite hiatus surely burdened them.

suckers have been veritably oral about the palace Of God Chapter 551 hiatus on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Till now, everyone’s commentary have been appreciatively supporting the author’s decision of taking a break.

Indeed suckers know how excited a mangaka’s schedule is and indeed they’re mortal like everyone differently. They earn a break from time to time so that they do n’t end up sick because of their diurnal work.