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Sakamoto Days
Bagikan – Discover the pivotal events that unfolded between Uzuki and Akao after Kindaka’s death in the latest chapter, highlighting the deepening connection between them. The chapter concluded with Akao Rion suggesting an end to their tranquility, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more about the duo’s past. Don’t miss out on Sakamoto Days Chapter 174, coming soon with all the answers. Stay tuned for the release date, expected plot, and more details.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 174: Release date and where to read

Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 is scheduled for release on Monday, July 15, 2024, at 12 am JST, though most fans around the world will be able to read the chapter on Sunday, July 14, at approximately 3 pm GMT / 7 am PT / 10 am ET. The exact timing may vary depending on individual time zones, so keep this in mind.

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For those eager to dive into the latest chapter, Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 can be read on various online platforms. In the US and Canada, Viz Media offers access to the series, while Shueisha’s MangaPlus also provides rights to release new chapters. Additionally, readers can find the chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 33.

Expected plot of Sakamoto Days Chapter 174

Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 will likely see Uzuki and Akao face further challenges from the JAA. They will likely need to devise a strategy to rescue Gaku and the others from the orphanage. With their perilous mission as the backdrop, fans can expect a whirlwind of information to be revealed in the upcoming chapter.

Knowing the arc concludes with Akao’s tragic death, Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 may reveal the circumstances and reasons leading to this heartbreaking outcome and the dire stakes that led up to it. With the chapter setting up the inevitable, fans can expect to get to know Akao Rion one more time.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 recap

Sakamoto Days Chapter 173, titled Escape, entails a flashback. Akao slams Uzuki to the ground, angrily telling him that Kindaka died because he dropped the antidote. Uzuki reveals he intentionally dropped the antidote. Despite her anger, Akao refuses to kill Uzuki, demanding an explanation.

Uzuki explains that he was forced to kill Kindaka because a group of individuals threatened to kill Gaku if he didn’t comply. He also confirms that these individuals are holding his family hostage. Uzuki talks about his past, revealing that he grew up in a facility that raised orphans to become assassins.

The head of the orphanage, Asaki, ordered Uzuki and others to undertake assassination missions, molding them into killers from a young age. Several men from the JAA then arrive, ordering Akao and Uzuki to raise their hands in Sakamoto Days Chapter 173, declaring they are under arrest. 

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Making a quick decision, Akao swiftly murders the men and escapes with Uzuki. She tells him that she understands his troubles and insists that he isn’t a bad person. As they drive away, Uzuki expresses his desire to return to the orphanage to save his family.

However, Akao advises that they develop a strategy first. They decide to visit several shops, purchasing goods and discussing life along the way. Their bond seems to deepen as they share these moments in Sakamoto Days Chapter 173.

Eventually, they stop at a gas station and realize they don’t know how to fill up the gas tank. Akao suggests to steal another vehicle, though they get it to work at some point, and the next scene shows them in a car chase.

As they continue their journey, Akao thinks about her time with Uzuki, realizing how much they have come to rely on each other. Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 ends with Akao’s somber reflection that their seemingly joyful and aimless lifestyle won’t last long.


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