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One Piece
Bagikan – Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of One Piece Chapter 1120 after the exhilarating events of the previous chapter. The dramatic reactivation of the Iron Giant and its powerful strike against Warcury, one of the Five Elders, has set the stage for an epic continuation. As the Straw Hat Pirates plan their escape from Egghead Island and the Giants prepare to set sail, here are our predictions for what will happen next.

One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1120: Iron Giant and Luffy vs. the Elders

The confrontation between the Iron Giant, Emet, and the remaining Elders on Egghead Island is likely to take center stage in One Piece Chapter 1120. With Saint Marcus Mars already blown away by Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ combined attack, only three of five Elders remain.

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Fans can expect an epic battle to take place as Emet and Luffy join forces in One Piece Chapter 1120. Emet’s ancient energy and immense power could potentially reveal vulnerabilities in the Elders, providing a necessary clue on how to defeat these powerful forces permanently.

One Piece Chapter 1120 could see Emet become the key to Luffy’s journey

The Iron Giant’s search for Joy Boy and recognition of Luffy’s Gear 5 form hint at a long-lasting partnership between the two. Luffy, who has always been fascinated by robots, will likely strike an immediate bond with Emet. With Emet’s sentience and indebtedness to Joy Boy, the possibility of it following the Straw Hat Captain later on is also created.

This team-up in One Piece Chapter 1120 will not only amplify the Straw Hats’ overall combat strength but also pave the way for other intriguing interactions as well. On the other hand, fans may see Emet play the most crucial role in ensuring the crew’s escape, possibly even at the cost of its own survival.

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One Piece Chapter 1120: Straw Hat Pirates’ escape

The escape from Egghead Island will likely be a focal point in One Piece Chapter 1120. With the Egghead Island arc nearing its conclusion, the Straw Hat Pirates are almost done gearing up for their departure.

The first half of the crew is already en route to Elbaf, while the second half remains on the Labophase. Zoro and Jinbe will likely face more significant challenges as they secure an escape route for the Sunny. The looming threat of Nusjuro adds some tension, as the escape will require quick and strategic action from the crew.

One Piece Chapter 1120 may see Warcury’s return and Ju Peter’s assault

Despite being blown away, Warcury’s potential return cannot be ruled out. The remaining Elders, Saturn, and Ju Peter will also attack the Elbaf ship with everything they have in the meantime. Ju Peter’s assault, coupled with the release of Cipher Pol agents, will create chaos in One Piece Chapter 1120.

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Luffy’s battle with Ju Peter and the Giants’ efforts to defend their ship will add to this, and while the emergence of the Iron Giant Emet was pivotal to the defense, it is unknown how long the ancient robot will be able to hold out.

One Piece Chapter 1120: Vegapunk’s Message and the path to Elbaf

Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast interrupted but now resumed, will continue to play a weighty role in One Piece Chapter 1120. The truth about the secret name of D and its implications will likely captivate characters worldwide. The Iron Giant, Emet, holds the key to protecting the broadcast and potentially revealing critical information about the World Government’s weaknesses as well.

As the broadcast finishes up, the Straw Hats should also have left the island. Their next journey to Elbaf will be ripe with new adventures as well. The events on Egghead Island will significantly impact their path forward, shaping their strategies and relationships as they venture into uncharted territories.


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