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My Hero Academia
Bagikan – After the conclusion of the Todoroki family’s arc and other storylines, fans are now eagerly focusing on Spinner, hinting at a possible return of Tomura Shigaraki in the upcoming chapter. Exciting news for fans: the official release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 427 has been announced. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the new chapter!

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 427: release date and where to read

As announced on MANGAPlus, My Hero Academia Chapter 427 is set to hit shelves on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 12 am JST. This means most readers worldwide will be able to access the latest chapter on Sunday, July 7, at around 8 pm PT / 11 pm ET / 3:00 am GMT. Keep in mind that the exact release time may vary.

Readers can read My Hero Academia Chapter 427 on the official MANGAPlus platform, which will be available for free upon release. Fans can also access the chapter through other official platforms, such as Viz Media’s website and the Shonen Jump+ mobile application.

Expected plot of My Hero Academia, Chapter 427

With the Todoroki family’s story now fully wrapped up, My Hero Academia Chapter 427 is likely to shift its focus to Spinner and his mysterious visitor. The cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 426 strongly suggests that this new character will play a significant role, perhaps even revealing the survival of Tomura Shigaraki against all odds.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 427 may also resolve the mystery surrounding a character last seen in Chapter 425. There are two possibilities: the character could be Kurogiri, potentially surviving despite visible changes. It’s also possible the character may be ‘Tenko Shimura,’ surviving after Shigaraki’s apparent defeat.

My Hero Academia Chapter 426 recap

Titled The Hellish Todoroki Family: Final, My Hero Academia Chapter 426 opens with Natsuo and Fuyumi telling Shoto that he didn’t need to come, and Rei echoing the same sentiment to them. A heavily bandaged Enji (Endeavor) insists that the same applies to Rei.

Shoto, however, states that their presence isn’t out of duty. The family is informed that Toya (Dabi) can speak, but only for a few minutes each day, and that he is slowly dying. Toya, confined to a life support unit, sarcastically remarks on the family’s presence as if he were a tourist attraction.

Enji explains they are there to discuss the future, specifically his retirement as a hero, acknowledging that Endeavor has metaphorically died. Toya cynically responds in My Hero Academia Chapter 426, accusing Enji of cowardice for only reaching out after everything has ended.

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Enji admits Toya’s accusation is accurate, as Toya has always watched him closely, hoping for the same attention in return. Despite Deku’s assertion that Dabi isn’t Endeavor, Enji acknowledges that Toya’s Hellflame still stems from him. He confesses to watching Toya’s reveal video daily, haunted by his failures.

Enji vows to visit Toya every day to talk, even if it’s too late. The officer warns that further strain could be dangerous for Toya, prompting Enji to urge Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi to speak their minds. Fuyumi and Rei express their desire to talk, but Toya remains silent as the monitor’s beeps quicken.

Shoto asks Toya his favorite food in My Hero Academia Chapter 426 and is initially met with silence, but Toya eventually responds with soba, the same as Shoto’s favorite. This small connection brings Toya to tears as he remembers their fight and apologizes to Shoto.

Outside, Natsuo tells Enji he is done, expressing his unchanged feelings and desire to keep his distance. He reveals his plans to marry without a ceremony or introduction to Enji, which Enji understands and apologizes for in My Hero Academia Chapter 426. Fuyumi shares that she quit her job but found a new one through a student’s mother.

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Natsuo questions if their actions are enough, but Enji commits to making amends and apologizing for his sins for the rest of his life, regardless of whether they are around to see it. He vows to shield his children from the fallout of the Dabi scandal, stating that this is why he survived the war.

As Shoto prepares to return to school with Natsuo and Fuyumi, he reassures Enji and Rei that he will be okay with his classmates’ support, determined to become the person he wants to be. Enji and Rei meet with Untenmaru and the Flaming Sidekickers in My Hero Academia Chapter 426, while Rei shows Enji a supportive text from Hawks.

Elsewhere, Hawks talks to Lady Nagant, who chooses to stay in prison out of fear of being exploited again. Hawks had hoped for her help, but Nagant wanted to see how society reacted to the changes Midoriya initiated. She humorously remarks that she’ll be enjoying taxpayer-funded meals for a while, prompting Hawks to call her a villain.

Meanwhile, Gentle is released after his contributions are officially acknowledged, reuniting tearfully with La Brava. Hawks, now the new President of the Hero Public Safety Commission, contacts Yokumiru Mera as he wonders how things will change. My Hero Academia Chapter 426 ends at Central Hospital, where Spinner awakens as someone enters his room.


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