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Chainsaw Man
Bagikan – As Denji and his companions settled down for a meal, their peace was disrupted by Barem from the Chainsaw Man Church, who brought alarming news: Public Safety had surrounded their building. With Barem seeking Denji’s help, fans are left wondering if they can escape unscathed. Discover more in Chainsaw Man Chapter 170, including the release date, expected plot, and more here.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 170: Release date and where to read

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 is slated for release on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 12 am JST, as confirmed by the official MANGAPlus website. Keep in mind that the exact date and time can vary due to a difference in time zones. Fans who wish to read the latest chapters can find it on official platforms such as Viz Media’s website, Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, or Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app.

Expected plot of Chainsaw Man Chapter 170

Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 will likely see Denji reluctantly comply with Barem’s peculiar request to eat the egg sushi before teaming up to evade Public Safety’s pursuit. Barem has likely already devised a plan to outmaneuver their trackers and find a safe haven and asked Denji to help execute it.

We may also see Barem revealing more about Nayuta’s whereabouts in Chainsaw Man Chapter 170, as well as whether or not she is unharmed. Given Denji’s immediate aggression towards Barem, once the group gets away from Public Safety, the boy will likely try to kill the Chainsaw Man Church second-in-command again.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 169 Recap

Titled Hands And Adaptation, Chainsaw Man Chapter 169 sees the group arrive at Sushishi, where they’re greeted by the staff and seated near a conveyor belt stacked with sushi. Denji, thinking about the recent events with Asa, internally tells Pochita the emotional impact of the experience.

He contemplates his mixed feelings, unsure if he’s truly happy despite having gotten what he wanted, and debates about the emotional versus physical aspects of his recent encounter. Asa, embarrassed, pretends she can’t eat and asks Fami if she can wait outside, but Fami is too busy devouring sushi to respond clearly.

Meanwhile, Haruka and Nobana banter about sushi and monetary responsibilities, with Haruka teasing Nobana about his aversion to paying the bill. Nobana points out Asa’s stoic behavior despite her missing arm in Chainsaw Man Chapter 169, contrasting it with his own emotional reaction.

Their meal is then interrupted by Barem, who joins their table and philosophizes about adaptation and survival, likening Asa’s situation to that of animals adapting to loss. Denji, learning of Barem’s identity as the Chainsaw Man Church’s second-in-command, attempts to attack him with chopsticks.

However, Denji stops when Barem says he knows Nayuta’s whereabouts. Barem then reveals that Public Safety is closing in on them and proposes a deal: if Denji wants to find Nayuta, he must first ensure their escape from Public Safety’s pursuit. Desperate to rescue his sister, Denji agrees to Barem’s terms in Chainsaw Man Chapter 169, starting with a peculiar request involving egg sushi.


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