Read Kagurabachi Chapter 38 : Spoilers and Raw Release Date Shinigami ae

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Bagikan – In the last chapter, Chihiro, Hakuri, and Shiba explored the Sazanami family cemetery, uncovering a destroyed emergency door. Hakuri then confronted his father in the auction room, while Chihiro infiltrated his storehouse.

Now, the long-awaited battle between Chihiro Rokuhira and Kyora Sanazami is nearly here, and fans are eagerly anticipating Kagurabachi Chapter 38. Stay tuned for the release date, expected plot details, and more. Don’t miss out on this exciting chapter!


Kagurabachi Chapter 38: release date and where to read

Kagurabachi Chapter 38 is set to debut on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 12 am JST in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #30, as officially announced on the MANGAPlus website. However, international fans may access the chapter earlier on May 23, 2024, depending on their respective time zones.

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To read Kagurabachi Chapter 38, fans can visit several Shueisha-affiliated platforms, including the MANGAPlus website, Shonen Jump+ App, Viz Media’s website, and the MANGAPlus app. Note that while the first and the latest three chapters are free on these platforms, a Shonen Jump+ subscription may be needed for access to all Kagurabachi chapters.

Expected plot of Kagurabachi Chapter 38

Kagurabachi Chapter 38 will likely entail the fight between Chihiro Rokuhira and Kyora Sazanami. With Chihiro activating Nishiki, the most powerful move of the Enten blade, the upcoming battle promises to be intense.

Given Kyora’s character, he likely has another backup plan in place for Chihiro’s invasion into the Storeroom. Meanwhile, Kagurabachi Chapter 38 may feature parts of Shiba’s fight with the remaining Tou members. Additionally, the Kamunabi clan may seize the Shinuchi blade in the chaos as well.

Kagurabachi Chapter 37 recap

Titled Equal, Kagurabachi Chapter 37 opens with Shiba praising Hakuri for his extraordinary achievement of awakening two distinct abilities, a rarity in the realm of sorcery. Shiba is astonished by Hakuri’s rapid growth and capabilities. Hakuri attributes his progress to Chihiro’s unwavering belief in him, which gave him the confidence to face Soya alone.

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Chihiro says that if he had interfered with Hakuri’s determination, they wouldn’t have become equal allies. Meanwhile, the remaining Tou members regain consciousness and head to the cemetery to stop Chihiro and his allies from infiltrating the Storehouse. However, they are shocked to discover that the emergency exit door to the Storehouse has been destroyed.

Kyora Sazanami had intentionally destroyed this lifeline to eliminate any risks of interference with the auction, a fact unknown to the Tou members. Chihiro recalls Tenri’s death and questions if his sacrifice was in vain, but Kyora believes that his son’s death was significant as it revealed Chihiro’s remaining strength in Kagurabachi Chapter 37.

The Tou members, driven by their brother’s death, prepare to confront Chihiro and his group. Hakuri then makes a bold entrance into the auction room to confront his father, Kyora. Kyora realizes that Hakuri has discerned the separate nature of their Storehouses, despite their similar functionalities. He believes Hakuri cannot forcibly open his Storehouse due to the lack of a familial bond.

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However, Hakuri, still driven by the desire for his father’s acknowledgment, manages to infiltrate Kyora’s subspace and sends Chihiro inside. Kyora manipulates the space within his Storehouse to try and restrict Chihiro, but Chihiro summons one final powerful Mei from his Cloud Gouger, breaking the constraints in Kagurabachi Chapter 37.

This act, however, destroys the blade. As he reaches the inner confines of the Storeroom, Chihiro thinks to himself that he and Hakuri aren’t equals as the latter has more conviction. Hakuri had confronted his family to eradicate evil, while Chihiro hesitated in defeating Soya and Tenri for the same cause. Kagurabachi Chapter 37 concludes with Hakuri urging Chihiro to cut down Kyora as Chihiro recovers Enten before activating Nishiki.


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