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Spoiler Secret Class Chapter 130

Manga, rakyatnesia – June is returning home together with Juri’s father, they surely have a big surprise staying for them back home. Secret Class Chapter 130 will show June catch Daeho with Soo Ah.
Daeho has been asserting his dominance over girls around him for a long period of time now, this time it’s Soo Ah. She’s having the time of her life with Daeho.

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Just when everything sounded perfect for her, June is shown coming towards the house. Will she catch Daeho and Soo Ah doing the act?
Still, it’ll be veritably disturbing for both, If Soo Ah and Daeho get caught. June will surely be furious and disappointed with Daeho, but what about Juri’s father.

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He’ll be the most shocked to see Daeho involved with her family. The forthcoming Secret Class 130 will show if Daeho and Soo Ah get caught or not.
Perhaps Daeho will finish before June makes it back home and everything will be back to normal.

A Secret Class anime will surely be great since the story is so good. We anticipate the manhwa to have further than 200 chapters in aggregate.

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Secret Class Chapter 130 Raw Reviews

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