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Spoiler Eleceed Chapter 193 RAW And Release Date

Manga, RakyatnesiaEleceed Chapter 193 will be released further this week. The text delves into the world of awakening and their profound energies. Jiwoo is another renaissance from South Korea trying to make it big on the field. But it wasn’t easy for him because the world prophesied against him. The next chapter will find new characters in the story.

Their intentions haven’t been revealed until now, but they’ll be out soon. What’s more, it seems that everyone is very interested in this South Korean group. So, will Jiwoo be able to survive the Academy? Here is everything about the latest outing.

In the next chapter, Jiwoo had met the World Awakening Academy’s student council. However, there is no certainty whether this is a good sign or not.
Jiwoo had caught everyone’s attention. Plus, his group kept getting into trouble. So, the next chapter might find an incoming warning or threat.

Eleceed Chapter 193 RAW Spoiler : What Will Happen Next?

Jiwoo had not learned his way at the Academy. He had been warned several times, but the young awakening felt no fear. His friends are the same; Subin went out and played around in the Academy. After being surrounded by Jessica and her gang, Lia intervened. The student council president recognized Jiwoo. Eleceed Chapter 193 will find the duo engaged in a conversation. This would show his true intentions, but he would probably be faking it.

Until now, Lia seemed harmless. But the next scene might bring about a change. What’s more, Arthur Bryan seemed to have noticed Jiwoo’s group. He might bring them trouble. However, it was Duke and Gahin that Jiwoo had to pay the most attention to at that time. The duo is likely to pounce soon. Plus, the sparring match between Academy students was about to start. Thus, the upcoming chapters will be full of extreme fighting action.

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Eleceed 192 Recap

Eleceed Chapter 192 had chaotic colors scattered throughout the air. However, it was a bit short. The text finds Subin fighting Jessica and her two friends. Jessica tries to instigate a fight with Subin. He stated that it was the student’s duty to remain silent and silent unless asked to. He added that students should not wander around the Academy or leave their dormitories. Subin understood what the woman was trying to do and frankly stated Jessica’s true intentions.

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This started the fight between the two rivals. Jessica made the first move but was immediately hit in the face. The next person is kicked. Jessica firmly looked at Subin and declared that she would kill him. However, before the time was any longer, Lia, the student council president, appeared. He forgave them both because they didn’t release their energy. The final panel found Jiwoo running towards the fight scene. Immediately, Lia recognized Jiwoo.

Eleceed Chapter 193: Release Date

Turns out, Lia is in the top 10 of the Academy’s revival. Eleceed Chapter 193 will definitely see more of him. So, the upcoming text will be released on May 13, 2022. This chapter is available on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. So, for more updates, keep an eye on our website.

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