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Spoiler Boarding Diary Chapter 91 RAW

Rakyatnesia – Mikyung eventually mustered the courage to confess her passions for Jun Woo. He did the same and in Boarding Diary Chapter 91, we will see them come one.

Jun Woo being the promoter of the series has been getting involved with one woman after another but Mikyung has been alone all the time. Jun Woo filled the hole in her heart.
When she saw Jun Woo having fun with other girls, she for sure got jealous and Jun Woo noticed that and responded appreciatively by confessing his love for her.

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The future of Boarding Diary manhwa is veritably bright. Further and further people are picking up the manhwa and staying with it getting suckers after reading a many chapters.
There are also some rumors of a Boarding Diary anime getting blazoned soon. Perhaps around the same time as Secret Class anime.

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