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Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1048 Manga RAW And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Read Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1048 Manga RAW And Release Date, Golden week has begun through in Japan. Unfortunately The One Piece 1048 Chapter will be taking the break for this week.

It’s a shame to start your discussion by mentioning such a negative news can ruin the mood! Because of the Golden Week celebrations in the coming week Shueisha has taken a rest.

The celebration is held each year. Every year, we have the opportunity to have a break. Workers get the chance to unwind. In the course of this week, there are four public holidays! This isn’t an author break, but it is an editorial break. One Piece and all other titles will be delayed. There is positive news.

The delay may be in place however, we’ll receive spoilers before the release date. When there’s a break in the magazine and we receive spoilers before the deadline.

Fans can look at.

The One Piece Chapter 1048 Announcement of the Break

We’re hoping to see the spoilers from One Piece 1048 to be released around the 28th of April 2022. They could be accompanied by raw scans as well however we aren’t certain about the timing. Chapters will get scanned and we may have fan scans available before the weekend.

But, the following week we’ll receive nothing except scans from the official lab.

We need to have the timeline cleared prior to

One Piece Chapter 1048 RAW Official Release:

On the 28th of April, we begin to hear about leaks.

In the next few days when the month is over, before the month is over, English fan translations could be out.

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On May 8th, 2022 The official English scanning of the One Piece 1048 will be available.

The week following the week, things will return to normal.

There is a break next week. Japan is celebrating its annual Golden Week holidays. This means Shueisha is taking a break, and hence, the Weekly Shonen Jump is on hiatus this week.

The raw scans of One Piece chapter 1048 are coming in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Due to the break, the issue will be coming out on 4th May 2022, instead of 27th April 2022.

However, there is a big chance of the raws getting leaked early.

Due to early leaks, we have early spoilers. And if spoilers are out, there is a chance that we will receive the English fan scans of One Piece 1048 within April 30, 2022.

You have to google for this version. It is made by direct translations of the leaked raws.

Alternatively, you can wait for the official English scans of One Piece 1048. Coming out on May 8, 2022, they will have the chapter in high definition.

This is the legal way to read the series and we highly recommend you to visit Mangaplus, viz sites, or the Shonen Jump app to access these.

What is going on with Momonosuke?
Onigashima is dangerously close to the flower capital now. And it is Momo’s job to prevent it from falling. However, the flame clouds are not coming out. Yamato motivates Momo but it is not working out. Momo can’t make them anymore and this is a big problem.

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Memories of the past come back. 20 years ago, in the burning castle, Lady Toki encouraged her son to make the jump. Young Momo wanted his mother to come along but it was not possible.

With a tearful goodbye, he had left. All he had left was the promise he made to her.

In the present, Momo realizes that he is failing his mother. And the kid will never ever shame her. He will find a way to deal with this problem. One Piece 1048 might show him being able to produce the flame clouds again.

At this point, we are quite sure of what is coming. Due to the lanterns, there is light in the sky. The people of the flower capital will see a gigantic island over them.

The island will start falling. Just when the people give up all hope of survival, that is when Momo will manage to hold it firm; that is when Momo will step up and save the capital. Maye in the next One Piece 1048 raw scans.

What are Luffy and Kaido doing?
The rooftop battle is going on without breaks. Luffy hurls lightning toward Kaido but he dodges. Kaido smashes Luffy with his kanabo.

Kaido goes on to deal heavy, conqueror haki imbued blows to Luffy. Our protagonist manages to tank them all.

We see that Luffy grabs Kaido and vanishes into the sky. However, Kaido sends his own air blasts and bolo breath to injure Luffy more and more! Here, Kaido mentions something very interesting.

Gol D. Roger had no devil fruits. Interesting abilities won’t conquer the world – only haki manages to do that.

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One Piece Manga 1048 spoilers will show Luffy climbing up the haki ladder. He needs to further polish his techniques and strengthen his haki. Only then will he manage to make an impact on the world.

What are the people of Wano thinking?
In the flower capital, the thoughts and wishes of the people are simple. They just want to survive and support their loved ones. They are sad about the festival ending as the next day, once more, they will be worked like slaves.

The samurai have their own lives and families. They are all rooting for Luffy. They won’t worry about their lives. All they want is for Kaido to be defeated and for Wano to be free again.

And as the Samurai are prepared for death, Usopp just wants to survive.

One Piece 1048 English raw sans will show what will happen to Hiyori.

The shaking has removed the seastone nail from his body, which means he can transform again. Orochi rises once again and now, Hiyori is in grave danger.

Interestingly though, he only has one head left to his form. What will happen now?

What is Luffy doing?
From the skies, our hero descends. Luffy has inflated his arm and it is bigger than the castle! A fist nearly as big as the island is gonna punch through it all! Luffy asks Momo to move the island out of his way.

He trusts that Momo will do it. As for Kaido, he has to suffer the whole brunt of Luffy’s punch. In One Piece Chapter 1048, we will see if this is managed or not.

One Piece Manga 1048 Spoilers

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