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Spoiler Boarding Diary Chapter 89 Manhwa RAW Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Mikyung has fell in love with Jun-woo. In the upcoming Boarding Diary Chapter 89, we’ll get to be able to see Mikyung reveal her feelings.

Jun-Woo was worried Mikyung could have gotten information about his affair with Seohyun however this was not the case, as we expected.

Mikyung was only able to see the picture of Jun-Woo and Seohyun went to the mall for shopping. She was thrilled to see Jun-Woo enjoying a night out with someone of who is his age, and was jealous but also jealous too.

Although Mikyung may be older than Jun Woo and has denied being in love with him, she surprisingly has a crush on him and revealed her feelings towards her in the previous chapter.

Things will get more heated as we move into The Boarding Diary manhwa starting Boarding Diary with 89 raw scans. Mikyung and Jun-Woo are admitting their love for one another in the in the next chapter.

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We’re also anticipating an Boarding Diary anime to get revealed in the near future. Perhaps at the same time like we are preparing for the Secret Class anime.

The Boarding Diary, Chapter 89 of the Raw Scans

Fans are extremely eager to read the next chapter and learn where Jun-Woo goes with Mikyung next.

However, it’ll take a while until the English chapter is published. We’ll be waiting until to see the Boarding Diary 89 raw scans first, which are scheduled to be released around April 24, 2022. roughly the same date to be released as Secret Class Chapter 126.

The redrawing process and translation takes between 16-24 hours. The English chapters will then be made available at the end of that time.

We are expecting English Boarding Diary scans to be published on the 25th of Monday 2022. The scans will be accessible for reading on the Toptoon and the official website.

The My Stepmother Friends Chapter 113 will be released for fans to read in the near future.

Boarding Diary 89 Spoilers

Mikyung And Jun-Woo

Jun-Woo has had the most fun of his life over the past few chapters. The first chapter was Mikyung followed by Seohyun and perhaps Minji as well in the near future.

When she saw Jun-Woo’s picture with Seohyun She was both thrilled and a bit jealous at the same time. Because Jun-Woo is older than Seohyun, she’s always desired to see him hang with others of his age.

Jun-Woo was concerned that Mikyung might have discovered about his affair with Seohyun but he was worried to death. Mikyung was just jealous because Seohyun was spending all day with his peers and was likely to forget her.

After discovering that the facts were true, Jun-Woo made the decision to go out with Mikyung to a night out. He stood inside the hotel lobby for long time but Mikyung did not show up and he was thinking that maybe she wouldn’t show up.

However, Mikyung was finally there and the two began their first date. Mikyung finally came out about her feelings for Jun-Woo. She even kissed him at conclusion of the chapter.

In the next Boarding Diary Chapter 89, we’ll be seeing Mikyung and Jun-Woo keep their romance and go to the same motel to keep their relationship.

When the time comes to end this manhwa Who will Jun-Woo pick to marry. Could it be Mikyung? Seohyun Or are there possibilities for Minji?

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