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Spoilers Nano Machine Chapter 94 Raw And Release Date

Manga, Rakyatnesia – Lets see what happen to Lady Mu ini Nano Machine Spoilers RAW 94. The left Guardian has made his appearance and he may be going against Lady Mu in the forthcoming Nano Machine Chapter 94.

The war of head seems to have fallen in the hands of Cheon Yeo Woon. He not only managed to get the upper hand at the war against Lady Mu but now has presented herself with the worse possible outgrowth.
Lady Mu allowed that she can get an upper hand by abducting Guard Jang and Cheon Yeo Woon’s inferior but she fall into the same trap she made. Cheon Yeo Woon used the same strategy and abducted his son Cheon Mu Yeon.

Not only did he abduct him but also overcharged out one of his eye-ball as substantiation that he abducted him.
It’s intriguing to notice that Cheon Yeo Woon had put this plan in action back before he was using himself as bait to bait the adversary out. His great strategical mind is now proving a great help to him and he’s now one step closer to meeting his old friend Guard Jang.

Up until now, Lady Mu was in- charge of everything but everything went down from her grasp after the entry of Left Guardian. Indeed her whole army combined won’t be suitable to face the Left Guardian and he only answers to the Great Lord which means it’s no use negotiating with him.

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Nano Machine Chapter 94 RAW Release Date

We may haven’t been suitable to see Lady Mu go against Cheon Yeo Woon but there’s still hope left and we may get to see it passing in the forthcoming chapter.

The forthcoming chapter will presumably be the last part of the battle between Lady Mu and Cheon yeo Woon and we can hardly stay to see how it’ll end.

The forthcoming Nano Machine 94 will be released on 22nd February 2022. There has n’t been any news of any detainments yet but we will keep you informed if there happens to be one.

We all can anticipate the forthcoming Nano Machine Chapter 94 raw reviews to release around 20th February 2022, the same day as Eleceed 182 and Tokyo Punishers 243.

Cheon Yeo Woon has managed to come up with the perfect plan to face Lady Mu and she seems to be out of brands now. Not only her son’s life but indeed her life is in peril now. There’s nowhere left to run as it would be insolvable to escape from Left Guardian’s grasp.

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Cheon Yeo Woon’s Strategy
Cheon Yeo Woon made a strategy to not only get back Guard Jang from the clutches of Lady Mu but also to seek his vengeance on her. He used her son as bait to bait her into the trap that was meant for him and combated her with her strategy.

He made his plan in such a way that Lady Mu had to shoot one of his men to cost his son from the place where Cheon yeo Woon was hiding him.
She was firstly planning on killing all the guards that were looking after her son and bringing him back but Cheon Yeo Woon anticipated that to be and combated her with a perfect strategy.

He called Left Guardian at the spot where he shoot the person who went to hunt for Mu Yeon. The Left Guardian killed him for trespassing in the Academy and now he’s there for Lady Mu.
Lady Mu has abducted not only Guard Jang but also Cheon Yeo Woon’s inferiors who are also the scholars of the Satanic Academe.

The Left Guardian is there to get Lady Mu as no bone is allowed to beget any type of detriment to the scholars of the Satanic Academe until they’re under the care of the Academy. Left Guardian has formerly sworn his fidelity toward Cheon Yeo Woon so whatever decision he takes will only favor him.

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The Left and The Right Guardian
The Left and the right Guardian are two of the most important realities in the Satanic Cult and they work directly under the Great Lord. They’re also in charge of running the Satanic Academy and one after another they both have favored Cheon Yeo Woon.

The Right Guardian is presumably the stylish swordsman of his generation and he has tutored Cheon Yeo Woon swordsmanship without consulting authorities. He has developed an affection toward Cheon Yeo Woon and has been helping him since he joined the Academy.

Yeo Woon is also trying his stylish to catch up to his master and come a swordsman like him.

The Right Guardian is the leading face of the Satanic Academe and is in charge of utmost of the conditioning passing there. After Cheon Yeo Woon killed the head of the Bane Clan, the Right Guardian realized his eventuality and what he can come.

He swore his fidelity toward him soon after that and has been observing him and helping him tête-à-tête since also.

Nano Machine 94 Spoilers

There have n’t been any spoilers yet but we will be posting them as soon we get our hands on them.

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